3 Free WordPress Portfolio Plugins – Artist Portfolios Made Easy


These are top three portfolio plugins for wordpress which you can get for free. They are pretty customizable and you can choose from a variety of different styles and looks.

Does The Softaculous Auto-Installer Enhance Your WordPress Experience?

Softaculous is an Auto-Installer like Fantastico and Installatron. While WordPress is not included in its Free Scripts, the price for a paid version of Softaculous is about $ 2.5 per month. This is quite a small price to pay for the benefits that it will give you. This article deals with the value addition that Softaculous has to offer as far as your WordPress experience is concerned. The aim of this article is to highlight the need for an Auto-Installer to make WordPress Management easy and less troublesome.

Auto Fill

The Softaculous installer automatically fills in the installation form when you are about to install WordPress. This means that it auto-fills field like the Database Name, Database Table Prefix, Site Name, Site Description, Admin username, Admin password, the admin email address and the Default Language to be used. Auto-filling these field helps to maintain consistency of the naming conventions (like database prefix) and also helps to randomize values (like database name and admin password) so that it becomes difficult for hackers to guess the password or database name. This saves the admin the headache of cooking up some innovative options and allows WordPress to be installed in a jiffy. It also aids newbie users by prompting them on what values should be ideally put into the text fields. This can be a big relief for people who were previously intimated by the built-in WordPress installer, which was not newbie friendly. If you are not satisfied with what Softaculous has suggested, you can always modify the values in the text box of the form. This ensures flexibility for those who want customization.

Advanced Options

Softaculous Contains a set of Advanced options which allows you to ensure the safety and data integrity of your WordPress blog or website. The form allows you to setup Update Notifications which will alert you when a new WordPress version becomes available for installation. This means that you don’t need to bother to keep a check on whether you have the latest WordPress software which is more secure as compared to earlier versions.

Automatic upgrade of WordPress is another feature which Softaculous provides. This means that you can setup Softaculous to automatically backup your WordPress files and upgrade them to the latest WordPress version as soon as it becomes available. This means that you need not bother about upgrading your WordPress installation and can concentrate on building good content for your site.

Automatic Upgrade of Plugins and Themes

This is a newer feature of Softaculous. It allows you to upgrade all your Plugins and Themes to their latest version. Buggy plugins are a major cause of security exploits in WordPress. This means that any 3rd party software that you install may contain some vulnerabilities which may be rectified in newer versions of the plugin. Although WordPress allows you to update the plugins and themes from inside the Admin interface, softaculous allows you to schedule updates and automatically updates the core plugin and theme files, without your intervention. It is always advisable to take a regular backup of your site, incase the automatic process fails and causes your site to crash.

Automatic Backups

Softaculous allows you to Automate backups of your WordPress install. This means that you can automatically backup your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis into your home directory of your hosting account. You can then download the files to your computer at a later date. Incase you have a plan with limited space, you can choose to rotate the backups i.e. If the backup rotation limit is reached, Softaculous will delete the oldest backup for that WordPress installation and create a new backup.

Softaculous also pulls the information from your WordPress config file and displays the details of the install in a simple form, which you can use to sharethe backend details with your development team.

Softaculous needs to be bought by your hosting provider and installed on their server. We highly recommend Softaculous due to the ease of use and smooth functioning with cPanel / WHM. It is easy for the Admin as well as the end user. Softaculous and cPanel are an awesome combination which is a must have.

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9 Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress

WordPress has built in support to handle audio files in various formats. It can automatically embed an audio file in a supported format. In this video, we will show you the 9 best audio player plugins for WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

#1 is the default audio files and playlists in WordPress.

#2 is audio album which is a plugin that displays playlists and albums using the builtin WordPress functionality.

#3 is the simple audio player which uses flash as the default and html5 as the fallback player.

#4 is the compact wp audio player. Which is fully responsive and uses html5 as the default and flash as the fallback.

#5 is html5 jquery audio player which offers customizable looking audio player for WordPress and where users can rate songs without leaving the page.

#6 is cp media player which is a beautiful audio/video player for WordPress. it comes with several skins to choose from and is fully responsive.

#7 is simple music widget which adds audio player widget to your sidebar.

#8 is soundcloud for gold which is a WordPress plugin for soundcloud which allows you to easily manage your audio files hosted on sound cloud. you can also manage your files form within the WordPress admin dashboard.

#9 is Blubrry PowerPress podcasting plugin is a powerful feature rich solution for podcasting. It works with any hosting solution, but works particularly well with Blubrry, which is a hosting solution for podcasters.

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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting

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Best WordPress Quiz Plugins of 2017

Download Links Of Free Plugins

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin


mTouch Quiz

Watu Quiz

Quiz And Survey Master (Formerly Quiz Master Next)

Unlimited quiz maker with email lead capture


Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder



WordPress Simple Survey


Easy Quiz

High traffic and customer involvement are two important, or let’s say, are the only two things that create a business/blog effective. Our main concentrate as a website owner should be on studying and applying the techniques that entice people, and simultaneously power them to keep to our website for a certain period of your time. This is how we can express them our solutions and improve our transformation rate. Masterminds around the world implement different techniques which create this thing possible for them to obtain without any stress.

One among these ‘Sure to Succeed’ techniques is to perform a test on your focusing on website. Yes! A test. This is something that will entice your website guests and gradually turn them into your repeating clients. When they keep updated in to your website for a long period, the possibilities that they come across your solutions improve. And when they get to know about your solutions, the possibilities of them trying out your promotions improve. This is how the number of clients on your list will keep on enhancing. So, this idea today, made us come up with plug-ins which can developing tests on your website without difficulty.

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No #1 Quiz Plugin for WordPress – WP Quiz Pro by MyThemeShop

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WordPress Quiz Plugin – Build Viral BuzzFeed Quizzes Using WordPress

Import Excel spreadsheet to Wp-Pro-Quiz Plugin Directly

Social Quiz WordPress Plugin

WordPress Viral Quiz Builder plugin

WP Quiz Free Plugin – How to Set It Up.

How to Setup and use WP Quiz Pro Plugin?

ProgressAlly Demo: WordPress Membership Plugin For Quizzes and Checklists


Cool WordPress Plugins Like This Make Blogging Fun

http://markharbert.com/wpclicks – If you are looking for some cool wordpress plugins to add to your blog, you might want to check this one out because this can really increase your conversions by 150% or more.

Blog post review on this plugin at: http://markharbert.com/cool-wordpress-plugins
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Taking Advantage of the Best Plugins For WordPress

I’m sure by now you have probably heard of WordPress and have an idea of what it is, if you haven’t then at least I’m sure you have heard someone mention it.

In case you haven’t, then I’ll quickly recap on what it is – WordPress is a content management system (primarily for blogging but it’s extremely effective for using as a framework for any sort of website). You can use WordPress.com which is hosted by WordPress themselves or you can use the selve hosted version from WordPress.org and set it up on your hosting account with your own domain.
The great thing here is that you don’t need to know any programming so getting setup and creating your website is really easy, what makes this even better is once setup upkeep is easy and so is adding new content. People from all over the world that have no experience in designing websites are doing this to create ecommerce sites, business websites, blogs/weblogs and a variety of other types of websites because it’s an amazingly easy system with lots of functionality.

Once you’ve got your website or blog setup, where do you go from there? You could just leave your site as it is or you could delve into the world of WordPress plugins – believe me when I say this, there are an amazing amount of WordPress plugins available to use, both free and paid so you can really do something amazing here.

Here are a few quick examples of what WordPress plugins can allow you to do – add statistics, change fonts, enable your site to load on mobile phones such as the iPhone, backup your WordPress database, review ratings, comment subscribe options, widgets, social share buttons, enhance search options, enhance navigation, stop spam comments, integrate with various services such as Facebook, Twitter or Feedburner, add forums or community options.

These are just some quick examples of plugin options that you have when you are setting up and enhancing your website – you will find a lot more I am sure.

After you have started to get to grips with using WordPress, you will develop your own personal list of stock plugins that you will install on every website, below are a few plugins that you should consider installing on your own site and incorporating into your own list of stock plugins.

WP Super Cache – This plugin will help you speed up your websites load time by serving cached pages along with some other brilliant features. This is especially important because high load times can impact your rankings in Google and also cause visitors to leave your website resulting in higher bounce rate and even lower rankings in Google.

Better WP Security – This is a gem of a plugin, you should have this on every website because it’s the ultimate solution to securing your website. A huge number of webmasters are having their websites hacked on a daily basis, and its horrible when you have put all that work into your website to have it ripped away. This plugin tightens security at the click of a button and makes blocking bad neighbourhood IP addresses and user agents so easy that anyone can do it.

John has worked behind the scenes on a number of websites, collaborating with writers, bloggers and a number of other professionals. For a more extensive resource on WordPress plugins visit – http://bestpluginsforwp.com.

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Awesome Filterable Portfolio Video Tutorial – WordPress Plugin

The ‘Awesome Filterable Portfolio’ is a WordPress plugin that allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish via a WordPress site a very modern and outstanding portfolio that can be filtered using smooth animations.

Use the shortcode : [af-portfolio]

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/awesome-filterable-portfolio/

Documentation: http://brinidesigner.com/wordpress-plugins/awesome-filterable-portfolio/docs/

Author’s website: http://brinidesigner.com
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Top WordPress Blogging Plugins For Website Traffic

Thousands of people are now blogging and some are making some good money through it. Even though search engines give blogs high ranking if they are updated often. But that feature alone is not going to work on its own, you need something that will make your blog different and turn it into a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, traffic generating machine. If you are using a wordpress blog then you can install a variety of plugins to make it gain traffic through web 2.0 and SEO techniques.

Firstly one of the most recommended plugins available on wordpress, the all in one SEO pack, this will help you improve your blog search engine ranking. This pack is designed so you don’t have to work for traffic, so just write posts and keep the blog updated and this will help your site appear in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Another one that I use is the traffic getting plugin, this is one that needs to be downloaded from the person who created its site and it gives you a whole array of recommended plugins that you should install. Its creates a small icon at the bottom of your admin area, that you then click on and it gives you the option of applying any tweaks that should be made. Its scores your blog a rating out of 100 percent on how well it should perform in the search engines. However with the free version it won’t ever get your blog up to 100 percent. The upgraded version is available still though and will allow your blog to go beyond the free versios potential.

Sociable is another good one to have on your site with social bookmarking and Web 2.0 being such big topics at the moment. This will add links to a selection of social networking sites to your blog so readers who like the post can quickly share it with others on social networking sites. This plugin is designed again to get you more traffic from different sources, as apposed to simply relying on search engines. You can configure this plugin so that it appears under every post on your main page, making it more obvious to people visiting your site.

Another plugin I added but does require some HTML knowledge is a called ‘Make Me Social that automatically sends new posts to some of the top social networking sites, with the idea of providing your some quick traffic. I’ve not really had chance to figure out whether its a good plugin or not, but if it does what it says then it is a power traffic generating method. It only covers a small number of social networking sites but it is still an unique and exciting idea for a plugin.

The Stat Counter plugin is an informative plugin thats worth looking at installing, this will show you which keywords people are using the search engines to find your site. This will require you to signup free with statcounter.

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Top Drag & Drop Page Builder WordPress Plugin 2016


makes it easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy. It’s a whole new dimension to content creation that’ll help you create your home, contact, about us or any other page where a linear layout won’t convey your message. It’s a powerful enhancement to the WordPress content editing experience, yet it feels entirely familiar.

Simple drag and drop.

A simple drag and drop interface means you’ll never need to touch a line of code. You can rely on Page Builder to do what it does best – all the difficult work, generating light-weight, SEO friendly code.
A page users and search engines will love.

Works with your theme.

Page Builder isn’t a commitment to a single theme or even a theme developer. It integrates with any theme. This capability guarantees that your content will always come along with you, even when your design tastes change.
The freedom to move forward.

Use your favorite widgets.

WordPress widgets are a site owner’s best friend. Who are we to jeopardize that friendship? Page Builder uses the widgets you love, and we’ve integrated with some incredible plugins to give you even more.
Page Builder and widgets – together forever.

Live editing

The live editor gives you an exact preview of your content, that you can edit in real-time. You can use this to pin-point the sections and widgets you want to edit, then see those edits without leaving the page.
Create content in a fraction of the time.

History browser

Worry free editing is having the freedom to experiment without fearing mistakes. The History Browser lets you roll forward and back through your changes. Preview changes, then roll back to that version without skipping a beat.
Your personal safety net.

Row and widget styles

Give your layouts a personal feel with row and widget styles. Change paddings, spacings and borders with simple input fields. If you need something advanced, there are custom CSS and class fields.
There’s no limit to what you can change.

Why do people go for WordPress? Why is it the most popular blogging platform there is? Certainly, every blogger will have a different answer to these questions, but what will remain is a simple foundation, the fact that WordPress makes blogging possible in such a relaxed way, that it doesn’t interfere with the actual process of publishing content, and doing any necessary optimizations or changes in the background of the blog. That may include changing themes, installing new plugins, changing settings, or making custom adjustments to files and content, WordPress has figured out the balance between the technical and the traditional.

Looking at the numbers, there are currently 2,182 free themes available on the public theme repository at WordPress official page, and 6,139 premium themes available at ThemeForest’s database, that’s a total of 8,321 themes available just within the two most known theme databases for WordPress bloggers, and we aren’t including the other ten thousand themes that come from separate community websites, and WordPress oriented theme businesses that only advertise their themes on the business website itself. It’s ironic that it has never been easier to find a great WordPress theme, but at the same time it has never been harder; given the volume of themes that we have our hands on right now. What can we do about this? A solution is possible, and we are here to depict it.

While ‘hard’ themes can certainly be customized, and built in a way that best resembles your plan for the future, another way of creating your final design for your blog is through page builders, WordPress plugins that allow you to become in control of how your website looks, just by giving you the required tools to modify site elements, or even create new site elements that you can stitch together in a new and exciting web design. Page builders are visual design tools that enable WordPress bloggers to use drag and drop tools to create unique designs that won’t be matched by free or premium themes. The market for page builders is growing quickly, as more bloggers are keen to run personalized versions of their designs, rather than using external themes. Our post today will feature more than 25+ unique WordPress page builders that you can use to create both sophisticated web designs, but also thoroughly simple, elegant and business oriented.

Are you looking for the must have WordPress plugins used by WordPress experts? Well, then you’re in the right place. In this article, our expert team has hand-picked the best WordPress plugins for 2016.
Choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will help make your day-to-day life easier and deliver a better experience for your users as well.
Having that said, let’s take a look at the top WordPress plugins for 2016.


If you’re searching for a good free wordpress survey plugin – it’s almost impossible to find something that is worth your time. Most plugins out there are full of bugs and have no support.

However – I’ve tried to do my best in weeding out the crappy ones and I’m showing you here how you can create easy survey or quiz for your wordpress website.

I’m giving you two options (as always) so you can decide for yourself which one will work for you better.

I know you hate watching 10 videos which are showing one plugin.
Video Rating: / 5


http://Freedominfluencer.com/mashshare – Get the plugin!

Hey you guys, you’re on this video right now because you’re looking into the mashshare social plugin for wordpress.

You may have been looking around online for the best social sharing plugin and came across this Mashshare plugin.

In this video I want to cover the basics of the mashshare plugin, but I also want to give you guys more information on how it works and what you can expect of the plugin if you choose to go with it on your site.

Of course, you can read the blog post by clicking down below.

This plugin has several cool things about it, but I’ll sum it up for you.

I think this social sharing plugin looks freaking great! If you don’t want a plugin that looks outdated, but rather looks nice and sleek, this is it.

It also will show how many shares you get on a post if you choose. you have control to only show when it hits a certain number.

It also has a heep of pretty awesome plugins that come with the paid package if you choose to go that route, which honestly, I do recommend it.

I got this plugin on my site not even 24 hours ago, and I loved it so much that I made this video and blog post about it. And that’s before I knew I was going to promote as an affiliate, but hey, why not! lol

So anyways, this is my mashshare plugin review.

I recommend it for anyone trying to grow their audience or brand through their website.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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Thanks for watching!





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TC Portfolio plugin is a best wordpress portfolio plugin . It is a responsive filterable portfolio plugin to showcase your work portfolio online using WordPress Website. This plugin works using Custom post type and the filter is powered by Isotope js .
Pop Up light box feature is available to enlarge the portfolio image .
This plugin can be used to build photography portfolio websites, Designers portfolio websites ,Artist portfolio websites

Plugin Home: https://www.themescode.com/items/tc-portfolio-pro/

Free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tc-portfolio/


# TC Portfolio Plugin Features:
# menu color is changeable.
# Hover overlay color is changeable.
# show or Hide the filter menu
# show / hide the Short description comes up on hover

# Users can Easily install TC Portfolio Plugin.
# Responsive Filterable Portfolio Plugin
# Basic Setting panel to manage Portfolio.
# Supported all Modern browsers
# Powered By isotope.
# Custom post type – add portfolio like any post.
# Work with all WordPress theme.
# Developer friendly & easy to customize..
Filter menu color is changeable.
Lightbox pop up to enlarge media Image.

#best #wordpress #portfolio #plugin
#filterable #portfolio
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WordPress Custom Form Design Plugin

Custom Form Design tool is an future WordPress plugin that allows you to easily build multiple forms with in a minute. This plugin generate the responsive forms with following attributes like Textbox, Radio button, Check box, List box, Textarea, Date picker and File upload. In a few action you can build a responsive form. It’s very simple.