FREE VST HUNT – Links to free VST plugins for Mac and PC

NOTE: Check back for new free VST additions every week.

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I am on the hunt for free VST plugins and happy to share with new subscribers to my channel. I am constructing a list below and for each new subscriber I will post a link to free VST’s to download.

If you thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, I will post another link for every new subscriber. Don’t forget to post a message that you are new to my channel.

Check back every week for new VSTs added to the list.

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Links for free VSTs (Mac and PC)

Rating (1-10)

VST Effects
(7*#) ( There are many free VST’s in their bundle, I use some of them.)
(10*#) (This is just excellent gear, very well designed and great sounding)
(10*#) (A must have compressor, dynamic compressor and eq)
(4*#) (Plenty of free VST, not that impressed with them.)
(10*#) (This is simply awesome, I love the design and sound)
(5*#) ( I don’t really know how to use this one)
(7*#) (Adds some distortion to your sounds)
(8*#) (This is useful to boosts or cut transients, I have used this a few times)
(8*#) (You need to install their Globbler app which manages their plugins)
(10*#) (Very nice gear)
(10*#) (I love this one, a great visual way to pan your track)
(9*#) (Very good sounding reverb)
(9*#) (Very nice stereo spread)
(8*#) (I only used this once, sounds rather good)
(9*#) (You can have a lot of fun with this one)
(6*#) (I am not that impressed with this one, has some cool vinyl effects, the scratches and pops aren’t great in my opinion)
(9*#) (I haven’t really used this one yet, but from what I here, it is really good)
(5*#) (These are free but they have a red activate button on the bottom of each plugin)
(8*#) (ColourEQ and IIEQ is good)
(*#) (Not sure how to use this one)

VST Instruments
(10*#) (The ABP and AGM are both awesome sounding guitars. A must have.)
(6*#) (I haven’t used this one, not that impressed with it.)
(5*#) (Just another drum kit, nothing too impressive here. They also have a splash screen which is annoying.)
(6*#) (Not that impressed with this synth)
(8*#) (Anything u-he is simply awesome, this is probably not there best unit, but it sounds amazing, which tells you a lot about their products)
(9*#) (You register with your email, then download and install Native Access where you can download and install free plugins. There are plenty of free effect and many demo’s you can buy. These units sound amazing, well worth the effort to install.)
(10*#) (Simply awesome, what can I say)
(10*#) (Simply awesome, what can I say. You should also try the Diva, it’s incredible, but it’s not free)
(5*#) (It doesn’t come with any presets. It looks like you can make some cool sounds, but I haven’t really used it and probably won’t)

VST sites I haven’t tried out yet. I am not sure of the quality of these VST plugins.

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