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Top WordPress Blogging Plugins For Website Traffic

Thousands of people are now blogging and some are making some good money through it. Even though search engines give blogs high ranking if they are updated often. But that feature alone is not going to work on its own, you need something that will make your blog different and turn it into a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, traffic generating machine. If you are using a wordpress blog then you can install a variety of plugins to make it gain traffic through web 2.0 and SEO techniques.

Firstly one of the most recommended plugins available on wordpress, the all in one SEO pack, this will help you improve your blog search engine ranking. This pack is designed so you don’t have to work for traffic, so just write posts and keep the blog updated and this will help your site appear in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Another one that I use is the traffic getting plugin, this is one that needs to be downloaded from the person who created its site and it gives you a whole array of recommended plugins that you should install. Its creates a small icon at the bottom of your admin area, that you then click on and it gives you the option of applying any tweaks that should be made. Its scores your blog a rating out of 100 percent on how well it should perform in the search engines. However with the free version it won’t ever get your blog up to 100 percent. The upgraded version is available still though and will allow your blog to go beyond the free versios potential.

Sociable is another good one to have on your site with social bookmarking and Web 2.0 being such big topics at the moment. This will add links to a selection of social networking sites to your blog so readers who like the post can quickly share it with others on social networking sites. This plugin is designed again to get you more traffic from different sources, as apposed to simply relying on search engines. You can configure this plugin so that it appears under every post on your main page, making it more obvious to people visiting your site.

Another plugin I added but does require some HTML knowledge is a called ‘Make Me Social that automatically sends new posts to some of the top social networking sites, with the idea of providing your some quick traffic. I’ve not really had chance to figure out whether its a good plugin or not, but if it does what it says then it is a power traffic generating method. It only covers a small number of social networking sites but it is still an unique and exciting idea for a plugin.

The Stat Counter plugin is an informative plugin thats worth looking at installing, this will show you which keywords people are using the search engines to find your site. This will require you to signup free with statcounter.

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Blogging Post Networks

There are plenty of blog posting networks out there now and over the past couple years they have made people thousands of dollars. Blogging has become a great way for advertisers to advertise to a targeted market and many companies are taking advantage of this. Basically a blog posting network is a middle man between the blogger and the advertiser.

The network works on finding advertisers for their network marketplace and then as a blogger you can sign-up to the network and apply for jobs from the marketplace. There are some big networks out there already that offer quite a larger amount of advertising availabilities so you should be able to find some offers for your blogging page. Advertisers will posted article their needs in the marketplace and if your blogging page meets the requirements then you’ll be able to take on the job. Once you make the posted article, the network will confirm it’s been made and then in one month they will confirm that the posted article is still there and pay you for it. Most networks can pay you with either Paypal or a check. Before you can utilize blogging page posting networks you’ll need a blogging page with some traffic and preferably some page rank. If you have both of those then you won’t have a problem making a part-time income.

Most Blog page networks allow the advertiser to establish their own budgets for each Blog page written article, so the price you get paid ranges from $ 3-$ 50 depending on how good your Blog page is. If you have a good Blog page then you can make $ 20-$ 50 per Blog page written article that you make which is a lot of money. Some of the other Blog page networks out there pay a flat rate for each Blog page written article which is alright, but I prefer working with the networks that don’t set a flat rate. You’ll make more money with the other networks, and there more ethical and not trying to take a huge cut.

Blog page written article networks don’t become valuable until after you’ve put a few months into blogging, but then you can reap the benefits. Many people have small personal Blog page networks that run solely off of these Blog page posting networks and make them a lot of money. If you have the time then the money can be made fairly easily, it just takes hard work and commitment. I want to take some time to give you a little bit of information about some of the popular Blog page posting networks out there that you should join once you have an aged Blog page with traffic.

PayPerPost –

This is by far the most popular blog posting network out there and the busiest. There are always hundreds of opportunities and if your blog is good enough then you’ll be able to do a lot of them. They pay new members $ 20 to do an introduction post onto their blog, and then you get paid by the advertisers for each post you do. They pay on a monthly basis and the easiest and quickest way to get paid is through Paypal.

PayU2Blog –

This network is coming along and they have quite a few offers. They simply email you when they have a job that fits your blog and then they pay you on a monthly basis. Many people have found this network be good for a couple months and then the offers die down, but you can easily make a few hundred dollars in a few months doing the offers that they do have.

Smorty –

Smorty is a well established pay per post network and they have been around for awhile now and I don’t think you need to worry about them going anywhere. They have a knack for attracting advertisers and therefore also have some awesome blogs in their networks arsenal. Smorty always pays it’s bloggers on time and they offer decent compensation for your work.

ReviewMe –

ReviewMe is one of the biggest marketplaces and there are tons of offers in the marketplace. They have a strong foothold in the marketplace and a long list of bloggers ready to make money. They attract some of the highest paying advertisers in the blogging industry and therefore have tons of bloggers looking for opportunities from them. If you have a good blog then you can easily make a part-time income with this network.

SponsoredReview –

This is the last network that is on this list and should be all you need. This network has some high paying opportunities and although they don’t have the biggest marketplace you get paid almost twice as much here on average. I recommend this network highly if you’re serious about writing sponsored Blog page posts.

These five pay per post networks are plenty enough to get you into the world of blog post networks and you should be able to get going immediately pending you have a blog. If you already have a blog then you can join today and get paid within the next thirty days for your first few reviews. There is a lot of money spent in advertising dollars online so grab your piece of the pie today by writing sponsored reviews.

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Power Blogging – 3 Awesome Blogging Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Blog Business

This article is not intended to give you the newbies course about hosting, installing a blog on your domain and etc. It will give you some serious advice on your blog business

Bad blogging habits are easy to get into, and one of the worst is to leave your ‘About’ page unchanged. You know the page: it is provided by WordPress as standard and a whole host of bloggers leave it unchanged. Why they do this is known only to them, because this is the first page that a large number of first-time visitors to a blog check out, and the reason why many of them leave without looking further.

All you have to do is to say a little about yourself, who you are, and what your blog is about, why you feel qualified to write a blog about this topic and how you can be contacted. If your blog covers a particular niche, rather than being simply a log of personal comments, then your potential readers will want to know why they should believe what you say by reading your credentials on the subject.

There is nothing wrong with having a personal blog about your personal thoughts on things, but if you are presenting yourself as a form of expert on a specific topic, then you will have to persuade readers that you have a right to do so. You should use your ‘About’ page to do that.

Another tip you should take is to claim your blog with Technorati. This registers it as yours with Technorati, and you can get a whole load more visitors. Since joining Technorati most of my blogs’ traffic rocketed. It takes a while for new blogs to get going, but it’s a lot easier if you make use of sites such as Technorati. The same is true of most of the social bookmarking sites if traffic is important to you. If you are using a blog to promote a product, then this is essential.

If you have a website then don’t get lazy and be content to run your blog from a hosting site such as It is better to download the software from, and host your own blog. You have much more control over the look and feel of it, and can use any of the thousands of plugins that are available online. You can also use any template you want, or even design your own. That way you get total customization of your blog pages, and can make it more distinctive than the majority hosted on WordPress or Blogger’s site. If you have tried and had problems downloading and installing it then send me an email. If needed I can take you through it online, or by telephone.

These are the two main tips that any blogger should take if they intend to blog seriously. However, was I to provide the third most important tip for anybody interested in blogging, then it would be to monetize your blog. Don’t blog for nothing. If your blog concerns a specific niche subject you can likely throw up one or two affiliate programs on your sidebar so that they appear with your new posts. A three column blog is useful for this, since your regular sidebar will generally be full of permanent links.

If you monetize using Adsense, a three column layout is even more essential, since you will want a vertical block down one of the columns, in addition to some at the bottom and the middle. A good Adsense layout would be a column to the left or right of the main text column containing a vertical ad unit, a horizontal link unit at the bottom of the blog, and also a horizontal ad unit at the bottom of the latest post. You could also include a search box at the top or bottom of your main sidebar that allows a search either on Google, from which you get income, or on your blog.

You could also include one of your websites as a second search option, providing three altogether. The income might not be a lot, but most blogs with a few hundred visitors a day should be able to make from $ 10 to $ 20 daily minimum, depending on the niche. All you need are a few blogs like that.

These are my three main blogging tips. Yours would likely be different, since blogging is a very personal thing, but if you take these three on board you will likely find that you will get more visitors, have more fun and also be able to put a bit put aside for the holidays or that unexpected bill that always comes at the wrong time.

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