After Effects Tutorial Awesome Light Streaks With No Plugins!

After Effects Tutorial  Awesome Light Streaks With No Plugins!

5 MUST HAVE plugins for Adobe After Effects

In this video for AV3 Software I talk about my top 5 plugins for Adobe After Effects. AV3 are an online store for VFX and motion graphics plugins – they offer great discounts and a simple buying process.

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The plugins in the video are available at AV3 at discounted prices, use these links below…

Trapcode Particular:

Video Copilot Element 3D:

Video Copilot Optical Flares:

Red Giant Denoiser II:

ReelSmart Motion Blur:
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After Effects Tutorial: Awesome Light Streaks With No Plugins!

We create the legendary Trapcode Particular effect, without using Trapcode Particular…

1. Create a Composition. Create a Solid.
2. Go to Effect, Simulation and add a CC Particle Systems II to the Solid.
3. Go to Layer, New and create a Null object.
4. Alt Click the stopwatch next to Producer in the CC Particle Systems II.
5. Using the pick-whip tool link it to the position of the Null.
6. Alt Click the stopwatch next to position in the Null object.
7. Write the expression: wiggle(1,300);
8. Go to CC Particle Systems II and set Radius X and Y to 0.1.
9. Set Animation to ‘Direction Normalized’.
10. Set Velocity and Direction to 0
11. Set Gravity and Extra to 0.1
12. Set Particle Type to Line.
13. Set Opacity Map to Fade Out.
14. Set Transfer Mode to Add.
15. Set Birth Colour to blue and the Death Colour to a darker blue.
16. Set Max Opacity to 10.
17. Copy and paste the Solid containing the particle system.
18. Do this a few times, offsetting the anchor slightly for each copy.
19. Set all the solids to an add operation mode.
20. Enjoy your handy work.
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Unleash Your Fingers ||| Adobe After Effect CS5 ||| ||| Plexus Effect

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Andrew Hunter Half Century Blowout Review

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Thanks for watching and I will try to put up a full review as soon as I can.

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Top 10 Best Plugins for After Effects

The top 10 Adobe After Effects plugins in my opinion. Let me know what your top plugins are? If you agree with this list, please drop a like and subscribe for cool filmmaking and After Effects videos.

Top 10 Effects in After Effects:

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