Water Taxi Station at Downtown Bangkok Thailand

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Water Taxi Station at Downtown Bangkok Thailand
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Image by Captain Kimo

I am at the airport getting ready for my flight to Phuket. Got an hour to check-in so I’m doing a quick post. This was from the Water Taxi Station in downtown Bangkok early morning. Bangkok has plenty of methods of getting around town and the water taxi is one of the best way to see the city from a different perspective.

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Chilly Morning
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Image by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)
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This photo was taken on a chilly (-11 F) morning just off of US-65. I was early to an appointment, and literally did a "three point" turn on this country road when I passed this lovely barn and windmill. The sun was coming up, and the sky looked neat with the empty corn field. I shot this with my 7d, at f22 and 1/30th of a second using an ISO of 200.

This photo was originally posted on February 8th. I had to repost it after small problem – I use Adobe Lightroom, and last night I accidentally "removed" about a month’s worth of Flickr photostream. This picture was one of them. I’m reposting the popular ones to its original groups. I’m sorry to all the people who had previously "favorited" it. I was upset, but have fixed the problem. Thank you for viewing (and commenting) – that’s why Flickr is the best!

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