Awesome Filterable Portfolio Video Tutorial – WordPress Plugin

The ‘Awesome Filterable Portfolio’ is a WordPress plugin that allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish via a WordPress site a very modern and outstanding portfolio that can be filtered using smooth animations.

Use the shortcode : [af-portfolio]



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8 thoughts on “Awesome Filterable Portfolio Video Tutorial – WordPress Plugin”

  1. THANKS for this plugin,  is there a way to assign a portfolio item or image multiple categories for sort purposes?  For example, say I have an apple as the portfolio image item,   can I assign this image to both the RED category and the FRUIT category?  So when user want to filter,  the apple image will appear whether the user filters by FRUITS category or by RED color category.  The apple image belongs to both categories.    I hope you understand what I am trying to explain…

    Thanks !

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