Rust – Top 5 Server Plugins

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11 thoughts on “Rust – Top 5 Server Plugins”

  1. Do you know How to make a plugin to display a welcome message every time a player connects ? Not just for new players but for everyone and it has to appear public in chat

  2. lol all of these plugins work thx dude still trying to figure out the kits pluging git an autokit working thx dude again

  3. Gather Manager is a broken plugin, not only does the config file never save or apply to the server, the console commands do the same, and it also removes and stops loot crates from spawning anymore in the game world.

  4. how do i use the plugins?
    like how do i put them on my rust and use them because i am trying to use the gather one but dont know how to put it on my rust

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