Music Video Transitons Tutorial (NO PLUGINS REQUIRED)

My top 10 music video transitions and how to do them!
Speed, flash, zoom, reverse, cuts, etc. ALL PROGRAMS

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Easy and professional music video transitions you can do in almost any editing software!

Software Used:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC


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20 thoughts on “Music Video Transitons Tutorial (NO PLUGINS REQUIRED)”

  1. awesome video!! I mostly use Sony Vegas when editing my music video's, but been thinking about switching over to use Adobe Premiere since I have master Sony Vegas pro. Don't get wrong I love Sony Vegas and think its a awesome program and I have made some awesome music video's with it, I think its one of the best video editors out, If you know how to use it. You can make some awesome movies and music video's. The reason why I wanting to switch is that I just want to master both of the top video editors. Yes I know Final Cut Pro is also a good video editor, but I don't like apple products and really don't like Mac computers..

  2. Thanks so much bro. Got so motivated after this video I went out and shot all day. now my videos look 10x better and people are noticing. your the man g.

  3. my first video edit is so raw, only the creative minds can relate to this tutorial and actually learn. even if he moves to fast its just common sense easy to learn

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