How to Add the Social Media Widgets Plugin to WordPress

Learn how to add the Social Media Widgets plugin to your WordPress site in this walk-through guide. First we will show you how to install the Social Media Widgets plugin, then give steps to add links to your Social Media URL’s. Below is an outline of the steps:
1. Login to WordPress.
2. Click “Plugins” then the “Add New” button.
3. Type “Social Media Widget” in the search box then hit the enter key.
4. Find the Social Media Widget listed, and click the “Install Now” button.
5. Once it is installed, click the “Activate Plugin” link.
6. Click “Appearnce” then “Widget”.
7. Drag and drop the Social Media Widget into the area you want your Social Media buttons displayed.
8. Click the “Social Networking” link.
9. Enter your social media URL’s, then click the

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20 thoughts on “How to Add the Social Media Widgets Plugin to WordPress”

  1. Can someone please help me? I followed the instructions up until 2 1/2 minutes, but then I go to appearance and the Social media option does not come up for me to copy and drag into the side bar spot. It shows that I installed the social media plug in. What am I missing? Tia

  2. Hey John Paul, nice tutorial. No babble about useless stuff, cut and dry. Thanks man!!

    Will this plugin allow you post on your blog and have it go out to all of your SM sites with one click?

  3. How do you create a side bar with the traffic on you social media being showcased on your website? I.e. Instagram, twitter, youtube feed?

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