Notepad++ Essential Plugins and Features

Notepad++ Essential Plugins and Features

Demonstration of my favorite features of NPP
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  1. Hi Earl, is this editor capable of column-delimited data entry where in some visual way I could set the columns (e.g. vertical lines superimposed). It would make column-delimited data entry very fast. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sir ,
    Is there any way to remove the line numbers in the code. I want to remove form line 13  to 27 it is tedious to remove it manually. 

    14 use strict;
    15 use warnings;
    17 use Net::LPR;
    18 use Getopt::Long;
    19 use File::stat;
    20 use Time::localtime;
    22 sub usage;
    23 sub version;
    24 sub status_file_exists;
    25 sub status_file_diff;
    26 sub status_file_delete;
    27 sub status_file_write

  3. i have the newest version of notepad ++ 6.7.7
    issue is when i start plugin manager
    it shows as follows

    downloading plugin list…

    No plugins available

    i googled a lot. seems something is blocking the plugin manager from internet. it doesnt show up on my windows firewal..some sites said use a proxy setting (i dont know what that is ). can i connect directly ?. it used to work fine before. HOW do i FIX it ?

  4. Hi vid is good but i am trying to do a family tree on notepad in xml version but i don't understand the steps on where the heading go and hoe it forms the shape of an actual tree can you help me in very basic step by step form? thank you Allan.

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