VOJO 5400mah Magic Portable Phone Charger 2.4A Power Bank with Wall Outlet, ONEMINI2 External Battery Pack [Blue]

VOJO 5400mah Magic Portable Phone Charger 2.4A Power Bank with Wall Outlet, ONEMINI2 External Battery Pack [Blue]

VOJO 5400mah Magic Portable Phone Charger 2.4A Power Bank with Wall Outlet, ONEMINI2 External Battery Pack [Blue]

  • FREE YOU FROM CABLE WAR – Are you still trouble for carrying around a plug in, a cord, a backup battery and phone wherever you go? Now you just need your phone and the cord with this! ONEMINI, two birds with one stone in a small and elegant design, that serves as both charger and external battery pack without extra cables. With Smart Charge Technology, it charges the phone before recharging itself. Once the inner battery is full, it automatically shuts down and holds the charge for later use.
  • YOUR EMERGENCY LIFESAVER – There’s nothing worse than being out and realizing your phone is about dead, frequently forgetting to charge your hardly-ever-used phone overnight? ONEMINI, plugged in overnight, charging itself after your phone so you don’t even have to remember to charge the backup! Just carrying it everywhere as you never know when need to juice up. When at the beach, waiting for your connection at the airport, or just getting off your car, this is a wonderful backup alternative.
  • EXCELLENT WARRANTY & EXTRA DISCOUNT- VOJO is devoted to offer the best products and service possible. We provide an incredible”60-DAY MONEY BACK,24-MONTH REPLACEMENT & LIFETIME SUPPORT” warranty to protect your small, but significant investment. To launch this awesome product, our store provides you a further discount for your extra bought. Buy two items to get 10% off and three items to get 20% off. We’re not sure how long we’ll offer this deal for, so move fast! NO Promotion Codes Needed.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION – ONEMINI has a smart adaptive USB port which detects and delivers up to 2.4A charging when works as a power bank and turns to be a 2.4A wall charger (12W) with international compatible voltage rate (100-240V) when plugged in an A/C outlet. It will also charge the external devices first before recharging itself since serving your devices is the first priority. With the folding prongs, it fits easily into your pack or glove box without any scratches or being too bulky.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & STYLISH LOOK – ONEMINI’s built-in FCC certified circuit protects against short-circuiting, excessive current, overheating, and overcharging to prolong its lifespan. Flame proof poly-carbonate-composite housing protects the high-efficiency 5400mah battery from fire, impact or rust. It is sleek, and has that fancy, rubberized coating and will be an ideal add-on to your everyday-carry or travel, unless you are a true USB road warrior. New coming blue edition is available now.

“Ultimate Portable Wall Charger”

Fusion of Power Bank & Wall Charger
This new technology combines a traditional wall charger with a portable cell phone power bank to provide a compact, stylish, highly adaptable and versatile solution to all your charging needs. 

Device Auto-Recognition with Fast Charge Delivery

Built with premium Panasonic cells, this power bank charger features adaptive fast-charging technology that automatically detects your device onc

List Price: $ 79.99


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