Create Awesome WordPress Plugins in less than ONE Hour

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Make amazing homepage and sales page plugins in just a few minutes! Then give them away, or sell them, or both!

Here is a list of 5 of my favorite chrome extensions that I use on a daily basis. They range from productivity to security, or just plain convenient. I wouldn’t call this a Top 5 because there are plenty of other cool extensions out there as well.
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20 thoughts on “Create Awesome WordPress Plugins in less than ONE Hour”

  1. i cant add extentions in chrome , everytime i try to add one it says "failed – network error" HELP how can i do that !!

  2. I have tried every single hack tool and only Facebook Password Sniper worked for me. You can look for it on google.

  3. 1. Google Translate –
    This extension always helps when I talk to my friends who speak Russian. I can tell what they type very clearly, and Google also implemented a quick translate bar for you to quickly translate your words.

    2. Amazon Assistant –
    Best for people who love Amazon yet need to get shopping done and efficiently. When you search for products, Amazon Assistant will pull up the best deals on Amazon and compare them for you. It also has a small little window in the corner for recommended products.

    3. User-Agent Switcher –
    Do you get angry when a link says to use a certain browser, have no fear. You can switch from just about any operating system, Windows Mobile, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Wii, Blackberry, etc. And for the browsers, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome,

    4.Split Screen –
    Give you two screens in one tab. Most efficient for multitasking.

    5. Grammarly –
    An almost flawless document-autocorrect writing extension for chrome. It helps autocorrect the grammar errors you may not even know were there. It rarely gets confused, so you most likely will have no headaches, like with other autocorrect extensions. Also, they do not change your word without your consent so there will be no annoying blunders.

    6. Google Dictionary –
    Do you hate looking up words you do not know? Just highlight and hover over the word you do not know and Google gives you an answer.

    7. Boomerang –
    I never knew this extension was so damn important! As a student, who regularly sends emails, I use Gmail for that (and Proton Mail for everything else). So, when I need to send an email at a certain time, I can do so. you can also quickly email the web page you are on without going into the Gmail application.

    8. Emoji Keyboard –
    As a person that hates emojis, when the time comes to insert one, this is useful. I used to pull up the Windows 8 keyboard and find it or go to a separate link. I use this when I type emoji, and it even has an index to find some emoji. 😀

    9. Floating for Youtube –
    As a former Opera web browser user, one thing bugged me. NO FLOATING YOUTUBE PANEL! On Opera, you could have a video playing, and view it, while doing other activities on the browser. Surprisingly, this is more efficient than Opera's own floating Youtube panel!

    10. Awesome Screenshot –
    OK, hear me now! LG's QuickMemo is for LG devices where you can edit and quickly capture sections of your screen. However, a parallel has never been as good as Awesome Screenshot. It does the same thing, and you can choose more than what is just on your desktop. This is a MUST for any person who uses their web browser frequently.

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