My Favorite FREE Vst Plugins!!!

In this video I go over some cool FREE plugins! They can be used in Fl Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro & any other DAW that allows third-party plugins.

You can get the plugins mentioned in this video here:


T Force Alpha Plus:


TAL Products:


OTT & Xfer Freeware:

MFreeEffects Bundle:

Voxengo SPAN:

Can’t find it. :/ Sorry, will update when I can!

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20 thoughts on “My Favorite FREE Vst Plugins!!!”

  1. I prefer manipulating soundfonts in DirectWave. You get a lot more file compatibility and editing options. Including effects, etc. Plus you can load multiple sounds in one instance, and sample plugin sounds. It's pretty awesome.

  2. I downloaded t force alpha plus and it is in my plugins section but when I try to load it on it says: Can't load SE Plugin: The specified module cant be found C:Program FilesVstpluginsT-Force Alpha PlusPatchMemory.sem.
    I use ableton 9 live

  3. when i get a plugin after downloading it says application extension and i cant access the file ''class not registered' ..? hw do i fix?

  4. how to make a plugin i mean in which programming language do you need to use to code a advanced plugin like seum ?

  5. Damn… i REALLY enjoyed the sound of SATFont. I went looking myself and sadly I couldn't find it either. If anyone does please reply with link/ website. Thanks ^.^

  6. I have t-force alpha and I absolutely love it. but it uses way too much CPU on my PC 🙁 and tips on gos to reduce this so I can actually record a song with no glitching?

  7. Yo, awesome video here. But what I really loved what that chord sequence you used to demo the Alpha Plus; have you properly used it in any of your tracks?

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