Trying To Figure Out The Differences Between Blogger and WordPress

When you are on the internet and surfing the web one thing that is bound to pop up is blogs. Sometimes you might not even know they are blogs right away because of how professional they look online. Maybe you might have even thought about opening up a blog for yourself. When you are looking into opening a blog then you might also find that two of the most used blogs tend to be either Blogger or WordPress. Blogger and WordPress vary in a lot of ways. Google owns Blogger and both of them have disadvantages and advantages with them so it is important that you research and figure out what one is the best for you to have.

Both Blogger and WordPress tend to be very easy to set up online. The one thing that sets Google apart from WordPress si that you can only use the software that comes with Google but this does make it easier to access some of the applications that Google has online. You can easily connect your blog to Google Chrome. However, Google is free and because it is free there are ads that pop up that you won’t be able to control. These ads can look unprofessional and you won’t have any say so in the matter because of it.

WordPress is just as easy to use as Blogger. The main thing that people might find annoying with them is that they are always updating but yet at the same time that’s a good sign because it shows they are trying to stay on top of the game. However, you’ve just got to make sure that your WordPress blog is updated because you do have to update it mainly. They update a lot more then Google does. Often times you will not experience any kind of downtime when you are updating your blog but it’s also a good idea to back up your files just in case something goes on during the update though this does not happen often.

Another advantage with WordPress is that it has open source software. This allows it to have tons of plug ins that will help make things much easier for you. In just a few minutes you have up the blog of your dreams because of the plug ins that they have to help you. Blogger has some templates that you can pick from but WordPress has a lot more than Blogger does.

The templates with WordPress also tend to be very easy to install. If you do not like any of the templates that comes with WordPress then you can also look online and find another one that someone designed and install it on your site. WordPress also allows you to create the blog by using CSS and HTML. There are lots of tutorials online that can help you with understanding both of these things. You won’t be able to use those on the Blogger website.

If you want to look very professional and possibly have a business website then you might want to consider WordPress. If you just want a simple blog to post from time to time and tight on money then Blogger might be the best selection for you. One great thing with WordPress is that you don’t have to worry about those ads and can put them there only if you want them and can decide what kind of ads go up on your website.

You can read the reviews online if you want to make sure that you are doing the correction decision for your website. Just remember that WordPress has many awesome plugins, templates and other things that you might not find with Blogger.

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