Minecraft 1.6.4 New Prison Server! Awesome Staff And Plugins

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20 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.6.4 New Prison Server! Awesome Staff And Plugins”

  1. OMG im so sorry, my brother was playing on the server on my account, I don't know why, he has his own account, and thought that it would be funny to do /p tp 100000000000000000000000;00000000! PLEASE FIX SOON, I HAVE TO RANKUP!
    Thz, Feeling_QweaZy

  2. Me and projay were both banned for the same reason. I will give the stuff back! I can't afford to buy an unban… I'm sorry!

  3. My IGN is Feeling_QweaZy, I bought donator and VIP, when I bought VIP I lost /warp f and just checking the VIP mines are correct prices, they are worse than donator thanks!

  4. Hey, Ign: ProJayHD
    I got banned today or yesterday because i was in E mine and there was a bug, i told staff but they ignored me and went offline, so some guy told me go down to look, and i did, unfortunately i dont have money atm to pay for an unban, but i will give all the stuff i got from their back, i want to join back because i spent a lot of my time ranking to E, i was the second E rank, i like to be highest rank on servers, so please iMakeMcVids, please unban me 🙁 im so sorry

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