5 Best Free VST Plugins for Maschine Beat Makers

What Are VST’s, First of All? VST’s are pieces of software made to help you manipulate your audio signals. VST’s are created to emulate traditional studio gear like compressors, equalizers, tape machines, etc.

They’re really important step to creating more professional quality mixes right inside of Maschine (or any DAW for that matter).

So what I’m going to do right now is give you a collection of the best free VSTs out there that allow you to get the professional sound you’re looking for, without dropping a dime.

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Read this blog article, get the links to these VST’s: http://www.hiphoprally.com/blogs/news/8211689-5-best-free-vst-plugins-for-maschine-beat-makers

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16 thoughts on “5 Best Free VST Plugins for Maschine Beat Makers”

  1. I'm gonna get these plugins I'm getting kind of bored of stock plugins Check my latest uploads on Instagram : deedontcare

  2. Hey Rob, great video! I have a question pertaining to the "big cats triple EQ". Which version do i download? I see a few options for my mac laptop. I'm currently running on yosmite. Thanks!

  3. i got a Maschine v1 from Offerup. as we all know. you have to have a security key to use it with the software… i got the software but not key serial number… do you know any software that i could use the box maschine with out the software… idk if i am making sense

  4. Just read your reply in regard to my comments on the video just want to say you get nothing but support from me man keep doing what you doing.

  5. Just read your reply in regard to my comments on the video just want to say you get nothing but support from me man keep doing what you doing.

  6. Hey Rob, great video—-great insight on plug-in use. I'm not a maschine owner yet. Trust me I have followed this product since its debut. I will be an owner soon. One thing you might want to do for clarity. Feel free to say if I'm being picky here—that's fine–however, I didn't know if VST's are the only format you can use with maschine because—-well, let me explain:
    These are all plug-ins but plug-ins come in different formats (as you well know, of course). VSTs (which of course stands for Virtual Studio Technology) are just one format of plug-ins out there. You have Audio Units as well and a couple more. I just thought it might be important for the newbies that they get the terminology accurate. Please let me know if I'm just being picky—-you may have a reason for saying it the way you did—-and I totally respect that……Props on the book and online videos

  7. ive been waiting for these uploads. love your content Robert! ive been following your channels since 2013!!!

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