Socrates WordPress Theme Build Unique Site In Minutes

If you have ever wanted to build a unique looking website, one that is sure to make you some money, then these is the one that I think will put lots of newbies on the radar as well as have the seasoned pros in a haze. It’s called Socrates. The Socrates WordPress Theme is a well suited for niche bloggers. It allows you to create Adsense and Clickbank monetized WordPress blogs in a few minutes. It was developed by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson, the famous Internet marketer who made his first millions using Adsense blogs.

The Compelling Features Include:
* Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Ad Bar.
* Built in Header Generator.
* Custom Styling and Color Options.
* Custom Navigation Bars.
* Affiliate Program Integration.
* Custom HTML Rotator.
* Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly.
* Multiple Sidebar Layouts.
* Internet Marketing and WordPress Training.
* 160+ Niche Header Designs.
* Social Media Slider.
You Can Also Get Video Tutorials:
* How to Get Google To Pay You Money
* How to Get Paid to Promote Other People’s Stuff.
* How to Find a Great Domain Name.
* Socrates Installation Video.
* The Best Webhost for Your Domain.
* The Everything WordPress Webinar.
* WordPress Plugins and SEO.
* How to Locate Profitable Niches.
* Cpanel and WordPress Setup.
* How to Profit From Trends.
* WordPress Installation Video.
* Adsense for WordPress.

Socrates WordPress Theme is a fantastic example of a WordPress Premium theme you can use. This topic does not like spam Adsense free theme designed look bad (and all we’ve seen that some of these) that draws the reader and encourage them to continue to read more about it. It contains a number of different heads (of 160) of different niche blogs, the description can be labeled. And a generator, so you can make your own custom header.

In Socrates WordPress Theme, you are able to customize the sub-header with up to three rotating banners, you have sample space to advertise in the sidebars (with a choice of none, one on either side or even both sides for sidebars) and you can even include Google Adsense or Clickbank products.

If you want a theme that is guaranteed to continue to offer you all the options and tools you need for online marketing, then this is the right choice for you. If you don’t believe what it says, take a look of yourself and see how awesome this theme is. Build your fully customizable blog today!

Want to find out more about Socrates WordPress Theme?, then watch the complete overview of the affiliate Socrates WordPress Theme to see how powerful and easy to use.

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