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Canon Rebel XT HDR Sample Test Images
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Image by Captain Kimo

I’ve been in the market looking for a smaller camera setup to take with me to Thailand. The first camera that I bought was a Sony NEX-5 because it was super small making it very portable. Plus it had a crop sensor which gave me more image to work with when processing my HDR exposure… so I thought. I’ll do another poet on my expeirnce with the NEX-5 later. Lets just say I sold it 2 days later to get a Canon Rebel T3.

What made me get the T3 for HDR was because of this image. This was taken with my old Canon Rebel XT which I gave to my sister. After playing around with it for a day, there was no doubt that the Rebel was perfect for what I needed. It is bigger than the Sony NEX5 but the image handles HDR processing so much better.

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