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Some cool best plugins images:

Well-placed light
best plugins
Image by bbusschots
As we were walking back from the lakes towards the monastic village in Glendalough a gap in a clouds opened up so that just the round tower was caught in a shaft of sunlight, this effect just lasted a few seconds, just enough to fire off a few shots!

This shot was generated by tonemappign a single RAW image in Photomatix Pro and then tweaking the resulting image using the Dodge & Burn plugin in Aperture.

This shot featured on my blog as Photo of the Week 134 to 141 – Allison & Steve Visit Ireland.

Left Behind…
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Image by Bo47
Well, Today’s the day where I’m gonna have My very first photo exhibition, and it’s also the day of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
And that’s what My exhibition is about, is all photos from the ghost town of Pripyat, a city that was built in the early 70ties for the people who worked on the power plant, in 1986 there where living around 43.000 people in the city, they where all evacuated three days after the disaster, never to return again.
This is one of the photos from the exhibition.

This is a 5 RAW exposure HDR made in Photomatrix, afterwards I did some adjustments in Photoshop, I toned down the green on the trees in the background, I also desaturated the photo quiet a bit, and added the brown/yellow tone with the OnOne PS Plugin.
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best plugins
Image by jepoirrier
Image manipulation from my panorama of Entrance hall of the CHU Liege hospital (panorama made by stitching many photos). Now it looks like the biohazard symbol.

How to do it (I did not invent it)?
1. Take a panorama or a photo with a width much larger than its height
2. Resize it to square without maintaining proportions
3. Flip vertically
4. Apply the polar coordinates plugin/filter of your favorite image manipulation program.
Voilà! (You can then add the border to the image and edit the limit between the two previous left & right borders)

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