My 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2015

Here are my essential plugins for 2015. Includes Gravity Forms, Akismet, Woocommerce and more.

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Gravity Forms –
Yoast SEO –
Woocommerce –
Google Analyticator –
Easy Social Share –

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17 thoughts on “My 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2015”

  1. I think this is now called Google Analytics by Monster Insights. Amazing tutorials, I love them and people might get benefit from you. Thanks a lot for sharing this with u

  2. hey wordpress eagle im currently trying to build a website where it would include having to randomly choose a winner after a purchase is there any plug-in out there that would automatically put people in a pool after a purchase and at the end randomly choose a winner just thought id ask and see if you would know of one since I cant find anything as of now. hope to hear back from you thanks

  3. Major Security Flaw with Gravity Forms – "Malware Cleanup to Arbitrary File Upload in Gravity Forms" – .  Once again there are a ton of hack / lame wordpress developers that don't know anything about programming or security and are setting up hacking opportunities for their "clients".  **Maybe you can help people by first exposing some of the numerous WP exploits; I'm sure doing so will be a huge eye opener for you.   For the record a hack attempt using gravity forms was also listed in my log file.  Thankfully I'm a real programmer (a software engineer) not a WP wannabe.

  4. Hi Alex, it made sense to subscribe to AKISMET but I'm wondering, will I be able to use the same Key I have purchased for more than one website I'm developing?

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