Best Practices for WordPress Plugins

How many plugins should you use?
How do you choose a plugin?
How do you know what’s best?

Kori Ashton from #WebTegrity gives us the Best Practices when dealing with #WordPress #Plugins. Connect with Kori at

Difference between and .org –

How to backup your WordPress website –

9 thoughts on “Best Practices for WordPress Plugins”

  1. please make a tutorial regarding render blocking css and jss… can't find any that really helps solve that prob on page speed insight

  2. what about themes like flatsome that already come with around 8 plugins already such as mojo marketplace, woosidebars, yith wishlist etc. should be count those as part of the 12 if theyre integrated with the theme? thanks!

  3. Great channel, Im working (Im new on this) with wordpress 2016, and my themes doesnt look like the demo…. could you help me?

  4. Hi I'm making a wordpress website. I've made a menu and have a drop submenu as well. I want certain posts to only show up on a certain page that would come from clicking on the menu. I'm getting confused with the differences between categories, pages, and posts. Have you made any videos you could shoot in my direction to help with this? Thanks!

  5. I disagree on the dozen plugins comment too..its just not practical for me, but I run a community site with Multisite – Buddypress, which I have an abundance of plugins …I think it would have been better if you said plugins versus hosting capability versus performance. Rtmedia is another product I used which at one time was just one plugin but then was broken up into about 25 plugins for the same product.

    Perhaps this is more a video for a very basic website in which you can probably find a theme that doesn't rely on plugins..though most themes especially premium themes are going to rely on their own plugins too.

  6. Many sites I have done are way over 12 and are faster than some of the sites I have that do not have as many. Not that I am a proponent of loading the site up with plugins, I always keep those to a minimum. Some sites just require a lot of functionality. Appreciate you sharing your experience. Cheers.

    Many thanks,

  7. The people over at runs literally dozens of plugins. However, they have a great article where they did a deep code review to remove any overlaps and to actually reduce database calls. Because of this, they are still lightning fast even though they're on a mid range dedicated server at an also ran host but they are WAY more technically adept than the average bear.

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