Cool responsive grid gallery plugin for WordPress

Cool responsive grid gallery plugin for WordPress

I came across a very cool WordPress gallery plugin called Final Tiles Grid Gallery Lite while searching for a solution for one of my clients. I ended up locating and playing with this plugin, instantly falling in love with it.

Here’s how to install the plugin into your WordPress blog and use it. I also show you the difference between the gallery Final Tiles Grid Gallery creates and the standard gallery WordPress generates.

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9 thoughts on “Cool responsive grid gallery plugin for WordPress”

  1. Your a life saver Bro. I look at a lot of other plugs and they were (&(&^%^$ If you get my meaning, PEACE!

  2. I have a bit of a problem. When I setup a gallery and preview it, it shows the pictures as one single column. Got a titled gallery.

  3. hi there, grat show, is there anyway that if i click on one pictur takes me to another page of say 20 pictures that show in lightbox???

  4. Hi Chris , thank you very much for your video, I'm really glad you liked my plugin! (I probably should make the "Update gallery" button more visible 🙂 )

  5. Thank you so much, great video. I spent the entire morning looking for a good plugin, and there you are.
    thanks a lot again :)

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