Top 10 Best and Underrated Stock Plugins for Pro Tools

Second of our TOP 10 series, after the popular best free VST plugins
this time we rated the best, and usually underrated, stock plugins
that come with Pro Tools.
In the next weeks more Top 10 videos on equalizers, saturators,
compressors, special processing, and much more.
Hope you enjoy!

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Text version of this tutorial:

Are users leaving your site after reading the first post? Increasing page views can be difficult and showing related content is an effective way of getting more page views. In this video, we will show you the 5 best related posts plugins.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

#1 is yet another related posts plugin or YARPP which is one of the more popular plugins to use.

It has a great built in algorithm for finding related posts for your visitors with a great templating system and the ability to show post thumbnails.

On the downside it is a bit resource intensive for large sites.

The next one is contextual related posts which is for text only related posts and works right out of the box.

However there is no templating system and hosting providers have blocked it as well just because like YARPP it’s resource intensive for large sites.

The next one is related posts for WordPress plugin which focuses on performance and doesn’t slow your site down, but if you’ve used some of the other plugins, you might be missing some of the extra features they provide.

#4 is the yuzo related posts

It’s very easy to use and setup, the downside is it’s not a lightweight plugin even though it is fast.

#5 is the inline related posts plugin this plugin will show related content inside the article when users are more engaged instead of at the bottom.

The only con is if you want to display things at the bottom you’ll have to install another plugin to do that which can be resource intensive.

As you noticed, many of the related posts plugins are resource intensive but you can use the manual related posts plugin.

If you have time to use it, this lets you manually setup the related posts yourself and is very lightweight.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best and Underrated Stock Plugins for Pro Tools”

  1. Hello, can I ask you that how can you install waves plugins in protools?? I'm using windows too, but I can't do it. Every time I try to open wave in protools, it tell me to select the wave plugin folder, I selected it, and then it still asking me to select the wave folder. Can you help me please??

  2. Very interesting video! Thanks for that! I have a question: have you ever recorded a triggered shell kit with live cymbals? I'm about to record a drummer so I'm looking around for info but can't find much on what I'm about to do. Setup: Toms and kick are triggered with mesh heads and Slate Drums, Snare with real skin and 2 mics, live cymbals with 2 overheads with close mics on hh and ride. Not sure what kind of problems I can expect and what info could be useful from the get go.

  3. Sorry to keep asking, but are you going to do a vid on how to use the Blue Cat VST wrapper plugin soon? I really need that one. Nudge. Nudge. ;)

  4. Hi, Ive a question about the mono to stereo function on plugins like the Dverb. How does that work with a mono recorded track? Does it overwrite the pan control on that track or do you habe to bus it to a stereo aux track? This one confuses me. Thanks again, as always. 

  5. I'm looking to import specific posts from other sites onto one of my pages. Will these plugins work for that?

  6. Hi there,

    First off, let's start with something we all know – WordPress is amazing! It pretty much does everything hard for you. There are also a bunch of tutorials available online for how to edit, modify and basically perfect your site or blog.

    I remember going through a UDemy course actually. Helped greatly. I had almost perfected WordPress after a 3 hour course and maybe a couple of days of practice.

    One thing it lacks though is a simple and straight-forward video plugin. Guess no one thought videos would get so popular at the time. And "vlogs" didn't really exist then either.

    Try this: Video Style WordPress Theme + Autopost Youtube Videos

    Saves a bunch of time when cross-populating between platforms.

    Hope that helps!

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