8 Inch Plasma Ball – Nebula, Thunder Lightning, Plug-In – For Parties, Decorations, Prop, Kids, Bedroom, Home, And Gifts – By Kidsco

8 Inch Plasma Ball – Nebula, Thunder Lightning, Plug-In – For Parties, Decorations, Prop, Kids, Bedroom, Home, And Gifts – By Kidsco

8 Inch Plasma Ball - Nebula, Thunder Lightning, Plug-In - For Parties, Decorations, Prop, Kids, Bedroom, Home, And Gifts - By Kidsco

  • GREAT FOR DECORATION- This 8 Inch plasma nebula ball is absolutely great for decoration. Put in your room, living room, office, or anywhere to create a super cool science like atmosphere. Can be easily placed anywhere
  • GREAT FOR PARTY- These Plasma Nebula Balls are great for using when you are throwing a party in any space. Can be easily and conveniently placed wherever you want. Just plug in, turn on and create an awesome atmosphere anybody will love.
  • USE AS PROP- Kidsco’s Plasma nebula balls can also be used a prop for photos, videos, plays, and other types of creative performances. Pretend to be a mad scientist with this ball! Kids will love seeing what happens when you touch it!
  • PLUG IN- Kidsco plasma nebula ball comes with an included 6 foot plug in cord that way you dont need any batteries that will die out on you. Plug ensures the ball will keep the party going until you are finished. Plug anywhere conveniently.
  • INTERACTIVE- One switch-position provides a touch-sensitive show of multi-color light. The second position produces a mode that’s completely dependent on your manipulation, as far as touch and sound. Simply put, it reacts to you; your voice, your music, and your hand.

Kidsco – 8 Inch Plasma Nebula Ball – Plug In – For Party, Decoration, Prop, Kids, Room Etc.Product DescriptionLooking for the next awesome thing to get?Look no further than Kidsco’s Light up plug in plasma nebula ball.This 8 Inch plasma nebula ball is absolutely great for decoration.Put in your room, living room, office, or anywhere to create a super cool science like atmosphere.Can be easily placed anywhere.These Plasma Nebula Balls are great for using when you are throwing a party in any space

List Price: $ 10.99


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Ezyoutdoor Antique Lighter wheel wizard style Jet Torch Kerosene for Camping Bivouac Hiking Survival Hunting (just shape antique) with gift match ,life time warranty

Ezyoutdoor Antique Lighter wheel wizard style Jet Torch Kerosene for Camping Bivouac Hiking Survival Hunting (just shape antique) with gift match ,life time warranty

Ezyoutdoor Antique Lighter wheel wizard style Jet Torch Kerosene for Camping Bivouac Hiking Survival Hunting (just shape antique) with gift match ,life time warranty

  • Made of Metal, High quality, very attractive lighter
  • Size: 64×25 x17mm /2.5×0.9×0.6 inch(Diameter)
  • Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, so please fill fuel before the actual lighting.
  • Everything on it is metal except for the mechanism that is used to hold the lid open/closed, and it seems to weigh the same as a Zippo
  • Package:1 x Lighter(Random Color;Note: All lighters are empty WITHOUT fuel).Lifetime warranty.7-15 shipping days with tracking number .our product have life warranty.anything you can contact us first.we will solve the problems to you ASAP.

Its exactly 2.5 inches tall, and just shy of 1 inch wide.
That’s 1/4 of an inch taller than a Zippo. Nice vintage look with a sort of shiny polish.
Everything on it is metal except for the mechanism that is used to hold the lid open/closed, and it seems to weigh the same as a lighter.
It comes with flint, wick, and Cotton, no fluid.
The little band that is attached is what looks like a very thin leather.
Size: 64mm x 25mm x 17mm(Diameter)
Due to air mail regula

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 9.99

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Best WordPress Plugins – 2016

Yoast: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpre…
Gravity Forms: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?cl=54585&c=ib&aff=294853 (Affiliate Link)
Foo Gallery: https://wordpress.org/plugins/foogall…
Instagram Feed: https://wordpress.org/plugins/instagr…
Google Reviews: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-…
UpdraftPlus: https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraft…
MailMunch: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailmunch/
Hide Featured Image: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-fe…
What the File: https://wordpress.org/plugins/what-th…
Responsive Menu: https://wordpress.org/plugins/respons…
Easy WP SMTP: https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp…
Contact Form 7: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact…

Here’s the video series for Yoast – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEHHgcyfqqx4KEs1-Lvami3tXH0XdRRAx
Here’s the video series for Gravity Forms – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEHHgcyfqqx5iISOtnphpR5RmSeX3arUn

In this edition of learning with Sacramento SEO and Web Development I will show you the top 10 best WordPress so far in 2015 and possibly for the entire year!


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Socrates WordPress Theme Build Unique Site In Minutes

If you have ever wanted to build a unique looking website, one that is sure to make you some money, then these is the one that I think will put lots of newbies on the radar as well as have the seasoned pros in a haze. It’s called Socrates. The Socrates WordPress Theme is a well suited for niche bloggers. It allows you to create Adsense and Clickbank monetized WordPress blogs in a few minutes. It was developed by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson, the famous Internet marketer who made his first millions using Adsense blogs.

The Compelling Features Include:
* Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Ad Bar.
* Built in Header Generator.
* Custom Styling and Color Options.
* Custom Navigation Bars.
* Affiliate Program Integration.
* Custom HTML Rotator.
* Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly.
* Multiple Sidebar Layouts.
* Internet Marketing and WordPress Training.
* 160+ Niche Header Designs.
* Social Media Slider.
You Can Also Get Video Tutorials:
* How to Get Google To Pay You Money
* How to Get Paid to Promote Other People’s Stuff.
* How to Find a Great Domain Name.
* Socrates Installation Video.
* The Best Webhost for Your Domain.
* The Everything WordPress Webinar.
* WordPress Plugins and SEO.
* How to Locate Profitable Niches.
* Cpanel and WordPress Setup.
* How to Profit From Trends.
* WordPress Installation Video.
* Adsense for WordPress.

Socrates WordPress Theme is a fantastic example of a WordPress Premium theme you can use. This topic does not like spam Adsense free theme designed look bad (and all we’ve seen that some of these) that draws the reader and encourage them to continue to read more about it. It contains a number of different heads (of 160) of different niche blogs, the description can be labeled. And a generator, so you can make your own custom header.

In Socrates WordPress Theme, you are able to customize the sub-header with up to three rotating banners, you have sample space to advertise in the sidebars (with a choice of none, one on either side or even both sides for sidebars) and you can even include Google Adsense or Clickbank products.

If you want a theme that is guaranteed to continue to offer you all the options and tools you need for online marketing, then this is the right choice for you. If you don’t believe what it says, take a look of yourself and see how awesome this theme is. Build your fully customizable blog today!

Want to find out more about Socrates WordPress Theme?, then watch the complete overview of the affiliate Socrates WordPress Theme to see how powerful and easy to use.

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nui’s scissor blade

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nui’s scissor blade
plugins that are awesome
Image by NeXXusPropS
gave it a 400grit sand and another prime before paint


If you have any questions please let me know i don’t bite 😉

My deviantart nexxusprops.deviantart.com/ Watch me if you got one it would be awesome if you did 😀

Sorry for the plugin

WordPress Web Design for Dummies Part II

In WordPress Web Design for Dummies Part I we discussed how WP sites can be used easily by anyone – even people with no prior knowledge of this program. Please see Part I of the series to learn about the actual WP installation, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) or dashboard, and the theme or “skin” of the website. In this second article in the series we’ll discuss the additional functions of WordPress sites as well as the content management feature of the WP platform.


The primary navigation of a WP-based website is often based on a default menu that simply pulls from the pages or posts that have been published on the site. This is a lazy way to build a menu; most people use the menu feature in the Appearance section of the dashboard.

The great thing about web design with WordPress is that your menu can consist of more than just pages – it can consist of posts, categories and tags. This allows for an awesome diversity in your ability to allow visitors to find and consume the content on your site.

Custom menus can also be created using widgets in the sidebar, which is discussed below in the widgets section.


Plugins give WordPress web designers and users extended capabilities and functionalities for their sites. A plugin can allow you to install Google Analytics to track website traffic, advertising programs to run ads on your site, video, music and game players, SEO-related plugins and much more. There are thousands of free plugins available and many paid premium types as well.


Widgets are displayed in the header, footer, sidebars and other areas of your site and serve to significantly expand the look, feel and functionality of the site. Many widget functions actually pull from plugins that have been setup on the site. This includes featuring ads in the sidebars such as Google Adsense, or creating custom menus using a text editor to lead visitors to supplemental areas of your site.

Widgets can be complicated and involve complex forms, or they can be simple such as date, time and weather displays. And because of the ease of use of the built in WP dashboard, you can easily manipulate widgets to your liking.


The pages of your website are generally static and completely distinct from posts. Many people setup their WP site to showcase posts on the home page, but many also put the posts page in another area and use the home page as a static landing or welcome page.

The pages of your site should be just as content rich as your posts and other content when possible, as they will play a pivotal role in the rankings your site achieves with various search engines. In order to aid in this effort, many web masters and site owners use SEO plugins to help the search engines index and rank the site properly.

Pages can be listed as part of a hierarchy or they can be stand alone, and you can setup the site’s menus to show all pages, or you can hide as many as you want and only make them available through other sections of the site, or from private links if you’d like.

Pages allow the inclusion of a dynamic range of media-rich content, including videos, text, images, graphics, flash displays, music, charts and graphs, forms, games and pretty much anything you can think of.

In the next and final installment in this series, we’ll talk about the heart and soul of most WordPress websites: posts, tags and categories. But if you need to get a WP site published right now, then you need expert help to ensure that your site is published exactly as you want it. In fact, some WordPress designers can get your site up and running faster and cheaper than you probably think. Call one now to find out for yourself.

click here to speak to a professional from out Pittsburgh Web Design firm.

Click here for the original source of this article: http://www.profromgo.com/wordpress-web-design-for-dummies-part-ii/

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Latest Best Plugins News

Joaquin Milleroid
best plugins
Image by Ben Chun
An improved version of my Joaquin Miller Park fountain planet.

This time I used the Flaming Pear "Flood" plugin to create the water before doing the stereographic projection in Hugin and I think it came out much better. I also tried to adjust the sky a little more, but it’s still not perfect.

I found out about the Flood plugin from www.flickr.com/photos/joshsommers/485331161/

Cool Best Plugins images

A few nice best plugins images I found:

Canon Rebel XT HDR Sample Test Images
best plugins
Image by Captain Kimo

I’ve been in the market looking for a smaller camera setup to take with me to Thailand. The first camera that I bought was a Sony NEX-5 because it was super small making it very portable. Plus it had a crop sensor which gave me more image to work with when processing my HDR exposure… so I thought. I’ll do another poet on my expeirnce with the NEX-5 later. Lets just say I sold it 2 days later to get a Canon Rebel T3.

What made me get the T3 for HDR was because of this image. This was taken with my old Canon Rebel XT which I gave to my sister. After playing around with it for a day, there was no doubt that the Rebel was perfect for what I needed. It is bigger than the Sony NEX5 but the image handles HDR processing so much better.

Go to My Profile for:
* a list of my photography gear
* a list of my tutorials
* a list of software I use
* a link to my website
* to sign up for my monthly newsletter
* add me to your Facebook

Cool Best Plugins images

Some cool best plugins images:

Well-placed light
best plugins
Image by bbusschots
As we were walking back from the lakes towards the monastic village in Glendalough a gap in a clouds opened up so that just the round tower was caught in a shaft of sunlight, this effect just lasted a few seconds, just enough to fire off a few shots!

This shot was generated by tonemappign a single RAW image in Photomatix Pro and then tweaking the resulting image using the Dodge & Burn plugin in Aperture.

This shot featured on my blog as Photo of the Week 134 to 141 – Allison & Steve Visit Ireland.

Left Behind…
best plugins
Image by Bo47
Well, Today’s the day where I’m gonna have My very first photo exhibition, and it’s also the day of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
And that’s what My exhibition is about, is all photos from the ghost town of Pripyat, a city that was built in the early 70ties for the people who worked on the power plant, in 1986 there where living around 43.000 people in the city, they where all evacuated three days after the disaster, never to return again.
This is one of the photos from the exhibition.

This is a 5 RAW exposure HDR made in Photomatrix, afterwards I did some adjustments in Photoshop, I toned down the green on the trees in the background, I also desaturated the photo quiet a bit, and added the brown/yellow tone with the OnOne PS Plugin.
[exif show="camera,aperture,shutter,focus,iso,time,location,"]

best plugins
Image by jepoirrier
Image manipulation from my panorama of Entrance hall of the CHU Liege hospital (panorama made by stitching many photos). Now it looks like the biohazard symbol.

How to do it (I did not invent it)?
1. Take a panorama or a photo with a width much larger than its height
2. Resize it to square without maintaining proportions
3. Flip vertically
4. Apply the polar coordinates plugin/filter of your favorite image manipulation program.
Voilà! (You can then add the border to the image and edit the limit between the two previous left & right borders)