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Image by knehcsg
Toyronto at Shuter and Victoria

Made with The Gimp, and the brilliant focus blur plugin by Kyoichiro Suda. On request i’ll happily provide original image and depth map. A tutorial for the technique you can find in Rob A’s blog.

The focus blur plugin applies out-of-focus blur based on the value in a greyscale depth-map. Unlike regular blur filters, the plugin also simulates actual lens effects: A point is blured to a disc with non-uniform density.

Using a manually drawn depth map (sources available when required) the shallow depth of field of a close-up shot is simulated. While the object in fact is large in real life size and was in its entirety beyond the hyperfocal distance.

Have a look at Katrin Ray’s Toy-ronto Life Series too, which not only inspired me with it’s name.

The grass isn’t always greener..
best plugins
Image by c@rljones
Just trying the export to flickr plugin for lightroom, seems to work quite well, although looks like i’ve lost all my exif information. Well at least I don’t have to use photoshop anymore 🙂

<==1939 Ford (gimpified)
best plugins
Image by h_dwight_beers
Sun Village, Surprise AZ==EXPLORE #448, March 22, 1908
And, I have added little arrows to the caption on this photo, as well as the one above it in my photostream, in order that others may see the subtle similarities between two very different art forms. Sometimes, I get too subtle for my own good!!! 🙂

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