Blogging411 Awesome WordPress Plugins with Kelly Phillips

Plugins are a wonderful invention. It is a packaged piece of code intended to perform a task that would have otherwise have had to be hand coded into your website theme. Plugins have revolutionized the website development process for users that do not have coding capability.
The proper plugin can make your website work like a dream. The wrong plugin can slow your website down unnecessarily or even worse break it completely. How do you know which plugin to choose and how to tell if it is hurting or helping your website?!

Kelly Phillips of WP Plugin Coach to the rescue! As a web designer, Kelly has gotten to know WordPress plugins very well and recently launched the amazing site WP Plugin Coach. Kelly will be joining Randy Brown of iHelpers LLC, Allison Carter and Nikol Murphy this week to tell us about 3 of her favorite plugins that every site should have.
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