EP.10 Logic Pro X Tutorial – Best Plugins and sounds. @jobeyjob NEW

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Hey guys this is a video that I made to talk about some of the best plug-ins for Cinema 4D. Now, these plugins featured in the video are all based on my personal preference and opinions. In no way am I saying these truly are the best plugins you can get, these are just some of the ones I like and use most frequently. Anyways, thanks for watching guys! all links to every plugin shown in the video can be found below.

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Q: What screen recording software do you use?
A: Screenflow for MAC

Q: What microphone do you use?
A: MXL 990 XLR Mic With Shockmount and preamp.

Q: What is the font you use most often?
A: Varies

Q: I don’t have the mass tab?
A: Check the version of Cinema 4D you are using. It is possible that you are using an older version or the broadcast edition of Cinema 4D.

Q: What version of Cinema 4D are you using?
A: Cinema 4D R13 Studio Edition

Q: I can’t find simulation tags help!?!
A: Check your version of Cinema 4D and make sure it is not Broadcast. If you are using an older version such as R12 or R11 etc. A rigid body tag in R13 is the same as a dynamics body tag in previous releases.

Q: Where can I find those lightrooms?
A: Greyscalegorilla.com
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40 thoughts on “EP.10 Logic Pro X Tutorial – Best Plugins and sounds. @jobeyjob NEW”

  1. big fan of what you do bro !! its good to see brothers from the UK doing there thing….theres not many established producers in the UK compared to U.S ! keep grinding bro, I've learnt a lot from your videos

  2. So you pirate someones creation and encourage others to do? I'm sure you'll get mad if some someone steals your creation too. lol you can't make make this shit up the hypocrisy of the modern day bedroom producers.

  3. Hey Jobey Im back again, and I need to ask a quick question. Ok So last week I've purchased (Sylenth1 Plugin) from Lennar Digital for Logic Pro X. Once I got it i opened it on logic pro x, And I wanted to check to see how much Presets they have and it only has 512??????? Like what the fk. On the website it says it has over 1300 presets…. Im so confused how do i get the 1300 presets??? Can you please I would really appreciate it because im having trouble and im not liking the sounds that i have and expect more from Sylenth1 Please help!

  4. "Message me how much you pay in advance" haha. Because you can't get a real gig. What a waste of time, why don't you just start a gofundme so you can "pursue your dream of music", douche. The most laughable part is you talk shit about people not "spending enough money" on plugins, and you're using some random girl's license for that 32 bit –> 64 bit plugin. You're so full of shit

  5. Your website is not working and x particle plug in webpage is not working as well….. what I i do? i want to download x particle for cinema 4d r16 for mac. please

  6. unfortunately realflow isn't able to download. can you reupload it or send it to me on skype: shop.blockpowerfx ? would be very nice :)

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