A Brief History Of Popular Synths from 1970s and 1980s

Lets work backward in time to take a look at the most renowned synths to ever hit the market.

A few individuals wanted those spectacular sounds of the 1970/80s back. The problem was the cost involved to buy and preserve those old machines. And then luckily in 1995 along came the Access Virus. It consisted of lots of patch storage, effects and a vocoder. This truly was a new digital based virtual based analogue synthesiser.

Although first introduced in 1992 the Roland JV series came to be recognise. These were the Roland workstation series of semi synths. It all began with the JV-80 and 90. Then progressed onto the JV 1080 and JV 2080. What these developed were awesome in regards to extremely exact and entirely believable genuine instrument samples. It tested to be a ultimate money-saver for musicians. No longer did they require to count on real instruments. They were paced with expansion selections and polyphony so the JV series worked its way into the XV series that you see on the market now.

The most well sold synth ever known was the Korg M1 in 1988. This unique synth was a semi workstation synth. The price, sound and look of it pictures how much effort the manufacturer put in. As a good traditional subtractive synthesiser sound, the A1 synthesis technique made this possible. When you combined this with the sixteen voice polyphony and the many built in effects and sequencer, you had it all. There is zero doubts as to why this synth was so well known.

A few of you may be very familiar with the Roland D-50 from 1987, as it is still utilised nowadays. It has plenty of polyphony and could be heard on numerous of the records of the 1980/90s. The new LA synthesis architecture never became a well-known item, but it fit in well with the 8 bit form of PCM sampling. It provided for peculiar sounds that had never been experienced before.

In 1984, hope risen for those lovers of synthesizers that could just not afford to be required in the past. This’s brought about because of the Roland Juno-106. It allowed hybrid DCO based synthesis technology to be applied by musicians who had never had the opportunity in the past. It’s limited to a single filter and oscillator, it had an outstanding chorus effect and sounds from the 80s that made it into a very famous item.

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