10 Awesome SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress can often seem complicated but it is actually fairly limited when it comes to options for search engine optimisation. Thankfully, as an open-source platform, a wide variety of plugins are available that add huge functionality for making sure your website performs in search engines.

Optimising your WordPress website is simple when utilising several popular SEO plugins.

One of the most important functionalities that we get from these plugins is the ability to add/edit meta data. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, author information, rich snippets, cards, images, and anything else that you might want search engines and social platforms to know about your content.

With these plugins you can also access the backend and technical elements of your website such as the robots.txt file and the htaccess file, which control how both users and crawlers access your site. Depending on the structure of your site, these can be used to leverage SEO opportunities, such as de-indexing unimportant content to avoid authority dilution, or redirecting an expired link to a live equivalent.

Several plugins allow you to automatically create a list of URL’s you want you search engines to crawl. This is called a sitemap. This lets search engines know how often URLs are to be re-crawled and can be used to determine which links are broken.

Plugins can be used to easily address site speed, rather than having to manually edit backend files. For example, WP Super Cache can be used to store resources in the browser that the user has previously downloaded, negating the need to download them every time they visit the site/page.

For more information on the most useful WordPress plugins, and how they can be used effectively, visit (http://www.koozai.com/blog/search-marketing/seo-basics-for-wordpress/)

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Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Chrome Extensions 2015
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Streamus – Streamus turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted.
Magic Actions for YouTube – Enhance your YouTube watching experience.
Save to Pocket – The best way to save articles, videos, and more.
Google Dictionary – View definitions easily as you browse the web.
Evernote Web Clipper – Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.
Feedly (App) – All your favorite sites in one place.
Honey – Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online.
Buffer – The best way to share great content to Twitter and Facebook from anywhere on the web with just one click.
Black Menu for Google – The easiest access to the Google universe.

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Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions
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29 thoughts on “10 Awesome SEO Plugins for WordPress”

  1. from your list I use all in one seo together with a new seo tool, squirrly seo. you should give it a try and tell me your opinion :)

  2. I miss the WordPress SEO of Yoast. To me that's the best one available (at least, tested on my sites). Great channel by the way!

  3. Stumbled across you guys on Youtube. Loads of useful information. Keep up the good work. Off to visit your main web page now

  4. … WOW !!!! … <~~(if i had to describe the relativity and accuracy of how this video is informative and well put together)
    I have always hated the EXTENSION setting for Chome ever since it came out. Usualy slowed down my computer… but mostly because searching for new extensions seemed to be time-consuming and inaccurate to what i want to use. THIS helps! And its also "well-rounded" about Google!

    (p.s. – this is a Google app the I use all the time… put into my words) – Google "PLAY MUSIC" app
    Great for listening to music YOU own!! 😲 Imagine, Music that is stored on your PC/LapTop, can be accessed by any other device (SmartPhone/ tablet/ other computer, etc..). At your finger tips, anytime you wanted!! 🤗
    I have 46.4+ GB of music on my LapTop that i can listen to from my phone, at work or while driving. 😎
    * DEVICE WITH APP TO STREAM WITH, MUST HAVE INTERNET!!! Weather it's Wi-Fi or Data (hopefully UNLimited) * – How else would the device communicate with the storage thing, without using internal memory space of all that music? 🤔 LoL
    To do this,
    ▪install Google 'PLAY MUSIC' on device AND computer
    ▪ SIGN IN to both with the GOOGLE credentials
    ▪'Drag-and-Drop' your music folder (or any files)[from pc/laptop], to the 'My Music' tab [in Google PLAY MUSIC 》'Settings/profile' drop down icon-menu (top left in app) 》'My Library' *you can also adjust settings to "always add/import new music from [name of folder]" anytime its added to the said folder*
    ▪then on Device, open Google 'PLAY MUSIC' app 》'Profile' tab 》 'My Library' tab…. then you can search your own library by artist, album, etc. *HINT, the 'stations' [sub-channel] you listen to could also focus the "Pandora-like" playlists around the stuff/style in YOUR library that you already uploaded*
    ▪NOTE: On the FIRST time you SYNC/UPLOAD… It does take ALOT time to upload the music onto the Google PLAY MUSIC (C'mon, after all it IS an upload, and it's just like when u sync your iPhone/mp3 player to iTunes for the first time. )
    My 50.4+ GB took about 10 Hours 😨… so i started the upload and went to bed, then checked it out when i got home from work.
    👀 (Laptop [hardware is what would differ speed from others]; Windows 7 [idk if OS would be a factor in speed, but it's what had]; Google Chrome [web browser i used – irrelevant]; Comcast/xfinity Home Internet service [for UPLOAD – provider is what would differ speed from others – Ethernet cable]; Galexy s6 [device with Internet service i use to listen with]
    *Device MUST have internet connection, weather it's DATA or Wi-Fi*
    *Original UPLOAD device DOES NOT ("again, DOES NOT!") have to be turned on OR connected to the internet, to listen on other devices (AFTER it has1st been added to your Google PLAY MUSIC collection)**

    Keep these videos coming. I wanna learn more stuff!!

  5. Great tips. But what about AdBlock and one of the screen resizer (to maximize to half of your ultra wide 4K monitor). They ought to be on the list.

  6. Great video. Very helpful. Your presentation is really great. One thing, get a decent back drop. With your tech savy you could green screen something appropriate or fun easily. Just a suggestion. Still a great job. Thank you for the tips.

  7. Found this video, said "you know this guy seems alright from what I'm seeing, must be legit" then you searched for Danny Brown and I was like "Well gotta instantly subscribe to this top tier patrician right here"

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