How to Make a Website that’s Awesome – PowerPoint SlideDeck – 02

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How to Make a Website that’s Awesome – PowerPoint SlideDeck – 02
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Image by SideWages
How to make a website that’s awesome

Here are the resources I use:

Why Aim for an Awesome Website?
– have your end goal in mind
– business websites need professionalism
– personal websites can be more casual
– evaluate your options and then do something!

Web Hosting is Awesome
– figure out what web hosting is right for you
– share hosting is fine for most people
– VPS hosting for >2,000 hits per day
– dedicated hosting for >15,000 hits per day
– share hosting is where you start

Don’t Forget Your Domain Name
– make it meaningful
– make it easy to spell
– make it catchy
– make it original
– no dashes & no numbers

Create the Website
– you can program it all if you want
– no need to start from scratch
– start with a content management system (CMS)

Content Management Systems Rock
– Joomla, Drupal, and many more are options
– WordPress is a great start
– Just go with WordPress, please!

Why Use a Content Management System
– choose from ready-made designs
– use ready-made plugins
– tons of support available
– no need to know how to program
– keep more of your money $$$

Big Website Dreams And You
– keep your big dreams in mind
– but start out doing the basics
– pick your host & domain name
– pick your content management system
– do something today

Here are the resources I use:

Gurren lagann
awesome plugins
Image by NeXXusPropS
When i started to sand here ive noticed there was no resin it was just card stock so i just did a fast patch job


If you have any questions please let me know i don’t bite 😉

My deviantart Watch me if you got one it would be awesome if you did 😀

Sorry for the plugin

San Francisco Fire Escape
awesome plugins
Image by Dave Schumaker
Playing around with Aperture 2.0 and the awesome BorderFX plugin. I’ve also been shooting in RAW format a lot more. The color looks so much more amazing in RAW/TIFF format than JPEG (for obvious reasons). I can’t wait to print some photos up to truly appreciate the difference.

LBS Women’s Fashion Korean Style Leather Multi-function Plug-in Wallet Purse Handbag (Orange – Easspaul)

LBS Women’s Fashion Korean Style Leather Multi-function Plug-in Wallet Purse Handbag (Orange – Easspaul)

LBS Women's Fashion Korean Style Leather Multi-function Plug-in Wallet Purse Handbag (Orange - Easspaul)

  • LBS women’s fashion Korean style leather functional ID synthetic leather handbag wallet;
  • Best cards holder purse, 24 cards slots in total, 5 slots to storage cash and check;
  • Orange color for choice for both casual and formal accessory, fashion and durable;
  • Material: leather, natural leather texture, environmentally friendly;
  • Large size but thin, convenient to hold for one hand, dimension:7.5*3.75*0.75 inch in L*W*H;

LBS fashion Korean style bow knot purse is made of real leather on outer layer. It announces 5Cs design, which means allow people hold cards, cash, check, coin and cellphone well in just one handbag. It brings more convenience to lady. The bow knot and the golden circle pull tab are simple but practicability for use. Zipper are wax finish, ensuring the fluent during use.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 19.99

Blinngo LED Star Curtain Lights, Waterproof 138 LED 12 Stars Window Icicle String Lights for Wall, Bedroom, Wedding, Party, Holiday, Indoor, Outdoor Decorations (Multi-color)

Blinngo LED Star Curtain Lights, Waterproof 138 LED 12 Stars Window Icicle String Lights for Wall, Bedroom, Wedding, Party, Holiday, Indoor, Outdoor Decorations (Multi-color)

Blinngo LED Star Curtain Lights, Waterproof 138 LED 12 Stars Window Icicle String Lights for Wall, Bedroom, Wedding, Party, Holiday, Indoor, Outdoor Decorations (Multi-color)

  • Total number of LED is 138, including a total of 12 stars ornaments (6 big 6 small).The wire length of 2.5M, the large star ornaments diameter 7 inches, small star diameter 3.9inches, the controller to plug wire length 17.7inches.
  • It will create awesome visual effects for any occasion and feast your eyes.
  • Note: To maintain great visual effects, the Multi-color star curtain lights don’t have a controller box and the lights only have strobing mode.
  • All the 138 LEDs are connected in parallel. So one is broken, that cannot affect the others’ lighting.
  • At Blinngo, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible products. We stand behind all of our products and these fairy lights are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

This LED String Light is perfect for indoor lighting decoration, like wedding background layout, Party, Christmas, Halloween holiday celebration, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance, stage decorative lighting and so on!

1. Best lighting effect.
2. Plug wire (distance to the first LED lamp) is about 3 meters, easy to use security, and much longer for better usage.
3. Best Guarantee. With 1-year Wa

List Price: $ 19.99


Blogging411 Awesome WordPress Plugins with Kelly Phillips

Plugins are a wonderful invention. It is a packaged piece of code intended to perform a task that would have otherwise have had to be hand coded into your website theme. Plugins have revolutionized the website development process for users that do not have coding capability.
The proper plugin can make your website work like a dream. The wrong plugin can slow your website down unnecessarily or even worse break it completely. How do you know which plugin to choose and how to tell if it is hurting or helping your website?!

Kelly Phillips of WP Plugin Coach to the rescue! As a web designer, Kelly has gotten to know WordPress plugins very well and recently launched the amazing site WP Plugin Coach. Kelly will be joining Randy Brown of iHelpers LLC, Allison Carter and Nikol Murphy this week to tell us about 3 of her favorite plugins that every site should have.
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Cool Best Plugins images

Check out these best plugins images:

The Garden of Gods Balancing Rock
best plugins
Image by Captain Kimo
Sunrise from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. The rock formation seen in the foreground is the famous Balancing Rock. This rock is well known for it’s ability to defy gravity, hence the name. I have another photo of a different rock that’s more mind boggling which I’ll post later.

Software used for processing photo:
– HDR software used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust
– Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise
– Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz Clean
Photoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.

Click here to read my tutorials and learn more about my processing technique.

best plugins
Image by Fran Simó

Overcast MIA Geometric Glow Velvia
best plugins
Image by Doha Sam
Nikon F4 with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. Scanned as linear positive using my Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV scanner. Processed using the ColorPos module of the ColorPerfect plugin.

A view of the Museum of Islamic Arts building in fog. This particular shot is a very severe crop of a larger shot that included the entire building and the "water pots" fountain outside. I saw this crop and made it for aesthetic reasons. This is part of why the grain is so visible. I like it, though.

I took the shot because the overcast and fog had rendered the building’s colours very soft and was causing a "glow" up the walls of the building from each roof below each wall.

Web Marketing – 4 WordPress Plugins To Increase Your Income

If you are the owner of a site built on the wordpress platform you are probably aware of the necessity of plugins to make your site work at its optimum level. The 4 plugins I’ve included in this article will help you make more money from your site.


The Bay RSS plugin is not a free plugin, but it is a champ when it comes to including related products at the bottom of your posts.

This plugin pulls auctions from ebay, and puts them at the bottom of your post. You only have to add a couple of fields of information at the bottom of your post, and the plugin will do the rest.

You can make money from new ebay users as well as from winning auctions. This plugin is excellent for niches where there are corresponding products to your posts.


Alinks is a neat little plugin that will automatically insert links for specific keywords in your blog. You use the admin area of the plugin to specify which keywords or phrases go with which links. You can use clickbank, CJ, Amazon affiliate links, as well as links back to pages or posts in your blog for more keyword authority for your site.

Text links are more often clicked than banner ads or any type of ads. You can automatically have your affiliate links inserted as keyword anchor text in any post, or page of your site.

Buy Me a Beer

This plugin basically asks for a donation from your readers. You can ask readers to buy you a beer or a coffee for great posts.

Do you wonder if this plugin really works? Do people really just send you money for a blog post. It does happen. I had someone send me an email and money for coffee for helping her figure out something she’d been looking for. She mentioned how much the blog post had helped her, and thanked me with sending money through paypal.

This plugin works through paypal, so when someone clicks the “buy me a beer” link at the bottom of the page they are taken to paypal where they can send you money. It’s not the fastest way to make money on your site, but it does work, and being appreciated for a job well done feels good.

RSS Footer

This plugin will allow you to add more text or a banner ad at the bottom of your RSS feed. You can add anything you want, a text ad, banner ad, affiliate link, anything that can make you money at the bottom of your RSS feed.

Coming through in your RSS people may be more apt to click on a link because they already know and trust you. There you have it 4 make money plugins your site can use to increase your revenue. There are so many ways to monetize a wordpress site, it is always helpful to have a plugin make it easy for you.

Adding wordpress to your web marketing plan? Stop by to put together a web marketing strategy that really works.

Ohala Mini Portable Am/Fm Radio Digital MP3 Music Player Support Micro SD/TF Card USB Disk

Ohala Mini Portable Am/Fm Radio Digital MP3 Music Player Support Micro SD/TF Card USB Disk

Ohala Mini Portable Am/Fm Radio Digital MP3 Music Player Support Micro SD/TF Card USB Disk

  • AM/FM Portable Radio, Amazing sound speaker Music Player
  • Support Playing MP3 Format Music or other media content Micro SD Card(TF Card),U Disk. Can play music and Listen AM/FM radio programs
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery 5C 600MAH, LED Flash Light, Passive Bass Radiator, Enhance Bass effect , LCD Screen
  • Easy to plug in your iPod, Smartphone, tablet, laptop and other MP3 player or any audio source that uses a standard 3.5 mm jack
  • Comes with a strap for convenience carrying. good for school ,church and family gift.

This is a mini portable radio speaker. You can also put it in pocket.Great sound, simple operation, suitable for home, outdoor,office and other places, enjoy music anywhere you like.
*Design: Portable, Multifunctional, Mini, Stylish
*Display:LED digital
*Frequency FM-88~108MHz
*Frequency AM:522-1710KHZ
*S/N: 87dB
*Charging Voltage: DC5V / 600AMH
*Power output: 3W (Max)
*Battery charging time 2-3 hours
*Connection: Wired

List Price: $ 55.00

Price: $ 23.00

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Hey guys this is a video that I made to talk about some of the best plug-ins for Cinema 4D. Now, these plugins featured in the video are all based on my personal preference and opinions. In no way am I saying these truly are the best plugins you can get, these are just some of the ones I like and use most frequently. Anyways, thanks for watching guys! all links to every plugin shown in the video can be found below.

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Q: What screen recording software do you use?
A: Screenflow for MAC

Q: What microphone do you use?
A: MXL 990 XLR Mic With Shockmount and preamp.

Q: What is the font you use most often?
A: Varies

Q: I don’t have the mass tab?
A: Check the version of Cinema 4D you are using. It is possible that you are using an older version or the broadcast edition of Cinema 4D.

Q: What version of Cinema 4D are you using?
A: Cinema 4D R13 Studio Edition

Q: I can’t find simulation tags help!?!
A: Check your version of Cinema 4D and make sure it is not Broadcast. If you are using an older version such as R12 or R11 etc. A rigid body tag in R13 is the same as a dynamics body tag in previous releases.

Q: Where can I find those lightrooms?
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A Brief History Of Popular Synths from 1970s and 1980s

Lets work backward in time to take a look at the most renowned synths to ever hit the market.

A few individuals wanted those spectacular sounds of the 1970/80s back. The problem was the cost involved to buy and preserve those old machines. And then luckily in 1995 along came the Access Virus. It consisted of lots of patch storage, effects and a vocoder. This truly was a new digital based virtual based analogue synthesiser.

Although first introduced in 1992 the Roland JV series came to be recognise. These were the Roland workstation series of semi synths. It all began with the JV-80 and 90. Then progressed onto the JV 1080 and JV 2080. What these developed were awesome in regards to extremely exact and entirely believable genuine instrument samples. It tested to be a ultimate money-saver for musicians. No longer did they require to count on real instruments. They were paced with expansion selections and polyphony so the JV series worked its way into the XV series that you see on the market now.

The most well sold synth ever known was the Korg M1 in 1988. This unique synth was a semi workstation synth. The price, sound and look of it pictures how much effort the manufacturer put in. As a good traditional subtractive synthesiser sound, the A1 synthesis technique made this possible. When you combined this with the sixteen voice polyphony and the many built in effects and sequencer, you had it all. There is zero doubts as to why this synth was so well known.

A few of you may be very familiar with the Roland D-50 from 1987, as it is still utilised nowadays. It has plenty of polyphony and could be heard on numerous of the records of the 1980/90s. The new LA synthesis architecture never became a well-known item, but it fit in well with the 8 bit form of PCM sampling. It provided for peculiar sounds that had never been experienced before.

In 1984, hope risen for those lovers of synthesizers that could just not afford to be required in the past. This’s brought about because of the Roland Juno-106. It allowed hybrid DCO based synthesis technology to be applied by musicians who had never had the opportunity in the past. It’s limited to a single filter and oscillator, it had an outstanding chorus effect and sounds from the 80s that made it into a very famous item.

Former Sony BMG sound engineer reveals the goldmine of free vst plugins and sound effects usually only available to pro studios. Claim your own exclusive 1700 vst instruments and sound effects to start producing cutting-edge music in the next 5 minutes

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Color Your Lives Electric Pencil Sharpener with 3 Sharpness Settings, USB Plug and Coloring Book, Blue

Color Your Lives Electric Pencil Sharpener with 3 Sharpness Settings, USB Plug and Coloring Book, Blue

Color Your Lives Electric Pencil Sharpener with 3 Sharpness Settings, USB Plug and Coloring Book, Blue

  • FAST RELIABLE QUIET – Easiest and quickest electric sharpener. Centers the pencil for an even sharpen in seconds. Durable, stays put in use, choice of colors. Vertical pencil insert, no need to hold sharpener while sharpening. Non-skid rubber footing for stability. Compact and sturdy with good torque.
  • 3 SHARPNESS SETTINGS – Choice of point for different jobs and pencil users. Heavy duty helical steel blade sharpens symmetrically and evenly so lead is not weakened on one side. No more lop sided pencils. Leaves wood and graphite very clean and smoothly cut. Can cut to a duller point for younger children or to use for shading
  • CHOICE OF 3 POWER MODES – AC power, Battery operated and USB. USB cable and AC adapter included in package. Convenient, portable, allowing you to color in anywhere. Great for mindfulness coloring outside, in parks, away from home, road trips, outdoor work. Lightweight yet powerful, comfortable to carry in a bag. Keep your desk clutter free. Store in your desk drawer and use it there. No need to plug in every time.
  • BUILT IN AUTO STOP SAFETY AND EASY TO CLEAN – Sharpener stops immediately shavings receptacle is opened. No access to moving blade while working. Easy to empty shavings box designed to avoid spillage. Tip shavings into a bowl for convenience.
  • SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONALS AND HOBBYISTS – Perfect for office use, home office, student desks, accounting offices, home schooling, teachers, musicians who mark scores, graphic artists, construction contractors, industrial designers, hobby artists, mindulness coloring enthusiasts, crossword and Sudoku puzzlers. Perfect gift for adult colorers, children and grandchildren.

Say goodbye to crooked uneven sharpening that leaves the lead half exposed and unusable.

No more loud squeaking noises to disrupt the office.

Comes with User Manual and FREE Mindfulness Coloring e-Book with coloring pages for kids and adults.

The adjustable sharpness settings make a difference. No more broken tips because sharpness is too pointy.

• Sharp setting provides very fine point useful for artwork requiring fine lines
• Medium setting best

List Price: $ 19.97


BONAZZA Mice Repellent Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Best For Garages, Attics and Basements – Electronic Pests Control Products To Get Rid Of Bugs Insects and Rodent – Mouse & Rat Repellent

BONAZZA Mice Repellent Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Best For Garages, Attics and Basements - Electronic Pests Control Products To Get Rid Of Bugs Insects and Rodent - Mouse & Rat Repellent

  • HIGH FREQUENCY ULTRASOUND that repels roaches, bugs, insects, mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroach, mice and rats.
  • To keep mosquito and rodents from becoming accustomed to the sound, the BONAZZA ultrasonic pest repeller control device emits ultrasound at VARYING VOLUMES (peaking at 100dB) and VARYING FREQUENCIES (ranging from 15 to 26 kHz).
  • 2 SPEAKERS for 2 TIMES the output and coverage compare to many other electronic rodent repeller.
  • Environmentally friendly, does NOT pose any health risk to users and non-rodent pets like dogs, cats, birds and fish..
  • This ultrasonic mouse repellent is BEST to use INDOOR in LARGE SIZED ROOMS, warehouse, garage, attic and basement.

Facts You Should Know About How to Instantly Repels 99.9% of Rodents That Will Harm Your Family.

Now announcing BONAZZA GROR (GET RID OF RATS) Pest Repellent device, an ultrasonic electronic pest repeller that effectively drives insects, mice and rats away from your home, since left unsolved those pests can transmit strange diseases, as well as cause significant building damage.

Why Do I Need BONAZZA Pest Management System?

• Kinder than traps, safer than poisons, and th

List Price: $ 44.00

Price: $ 34.98