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Some cool really good plugins images:

Krista Beach Filtered
really good plugins
Image by XT Inc.
We added a bunch of really colorful, summer-like filters to this project to complement the visual theme of fresh, hip, and fun. I am so glad Carla and Bill (owners, Saved by the Dress) were receptive to the idea as I came up with it during the production stage. I used an awesome editing plugin I had never used before called Analog Efex Pro. Turns out it is awesomeeeee!

Moreso, I feel so depressed for waiting this long to use it. My workflow for these images actually involved a handful of different software. Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Color Efex Pro, Viveza (sometimes), and finishing touches with Analog Efex Pro. The question always reaches my inbox, “What software do you use?” Well, there’s that.

As usual, I just pointed and shot at Krista Beach. I had to let her be her own director because she is so fuggin’ good at it. Besides, it is never good to get in the way of a creative, which Krista clearly exemplified throughout this entire project. So, she had carte blanche, and the results were met with open arms by Carla and Bill. A toast to the benefits of not being a control freak!

Xynn Tii

#beatdebt – Chevy Volt
really good plugins
Image by eric731
In Jan, we had a great opportunity to purchase a 2014 Chevy Volt. We are in the unique stage of our lives that this car makes good financial and environmental sense. We are part of a subdivision that has its electricity paid for by all residents. Therefore, we have not had to spend money to "fill-up" this plug-in hybrid with electricity. We are also uniquely close to my work. So I really only travel about 10 miles total to get to/from work.

With all that being said, we have not had to pay for a "fill-up" in the car for the last 3 months, both in gas or electricity.

Given that this car has reduced emissions and not costing us much, we are very happy with this purchase.

It rides well, looks good, and makes a lot of sense for us at this stage of our lives.

We also got a "same as cash" deal to pay for it. Yay, no debt!

So, no debt, no emissions, no fuel costs. I can’t complain!

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