MC-Charge raid 1# -XXcamXX

Hey guys this time i finally got a good raid and i posted it on my friends server *Jimmykozz* He has REALLY good plugins especially the soup plugin c’mon on its really fun! hope you guys enjoyed and before you go, make sure to smash that like button below !!!!!!! ILY! out. ;d
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Garlagan Thundaga
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How To Install Plugins On ROBLOX - Create Games Easily With Plugins

Hey guys, welcome to another tutorial where today I show you how to install plugins into ROBLOX Studio! Plugins are really helpful for creating games in ROBLOX, as they save lots of time! If you enjoyed this simple but effective tutorial, then leave a like. If you want to see some more videos and help to support the channel, then click the subscribe button.

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If you are reading this comment: “i’m the plugin master”

Please watch: “Roblox Tutorial – How To Enable R15”

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40 thoughts on “MC-Charge raid 1# -XXcamXX”

  1. LOL You must be a dumb fuck also when it said my gamemode was changed doesn't mean i flew to the base, and no one was even on i was skyping with my friend and when i was in gamemode i was fixing the spawn and i did that like 40 mins ago so be sure before you comment and the map has already reseted awhile ago you no lifer cunt.

  2. for example i download a runing animation and i reset my studio and it does not show up in the plugin section plz help

  3. Hey Al, I have a problem installing plugins cause I can't install any. I'm in studio trying to install some plugins but seems not to work. I tried switching to classic view and still didn't work. I tried deleting plugins I didn't need and I still can't download any. Could you help? Thanks.

  4. I know how to install plugins,but when i click on any plugin install nothing happens how do i fix this?

    I mean it doesn't say plugin installed.

  5. in roblox studio my plugins work fine when i open the real game it doesn't work!
    make a video about how to active plugins in the real game

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