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The Sentinals Revisited
best plugins
Image by Andrew Stawarz
Revisiting a spot where I took this picture over a year ago. It’s funny how you cannot re-create or rarely better a previous picture.

A change from the heavy HDRs of late…

Fan of crocuses
best plugins
Image by BowBelle51
Wednesday 17 April 2013: Lady Windermere’s Fan?

No, not really… just couldn’t think of a better title! The weather’s not doing much at the moment – a bit dull and grey after the last couple of days – so I took a quick photograph of these crocuses growing on the verge and then had another play with PSE. This action plugin is, not surprisingly, called ‘Fan’ – I think, with the right choice of photo, it gives a lovely effect. If you have the newer versions of PhotoShop or Photoshop Elements 11 you can download this action here. You have to register first, but it’s free.

The Secret Garden Somewhere in Florida
best plugins
Image by Captain Kimo

During my trip to St Petersburg, over the past weekend, I stopped by a little park that I’ve only been to once before. This park is very beautiful and well kept. It’s a nice place to relax during the long trip to the Gulf Coast. It’s also a great place to stop and take some pictures!

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