How To Make Bukkit Plugins: Your Very First Plugin! | Episode 1 | 1.8

How To Make Bukkit Plugins: Your Very First Plugin! | Episode 1 | 1.8

Today, I’ll be showing you the basics of Bukkit plugin creation and how to make your very first plugin! This is for my new Bukkit Plugin Tutorial series. If you enjoyed it, leave a like – it is greatly appreciated. Have fun!

*NOTE: Use me.{username} instead of adding the .bukkit when naming the package.


1.8 BUKKIT API – Watch my video to learn how to get it:

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Bukkit Links:
► Setting up Eclipse:
► Bukkit Javadoc:

Other Links:
► Eclipse:
► My texture pack, LIFE:—hd-texture-pack/

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20 thoughts on “How To Make Bukkit Plugins: Your Very First Plugin! | Episode 1 | 1.8”

  1. hello, maybe a bit late by now, but how do I export my plugin via NetBeans? I can only export the whole Package, there is no option (at least none that I know of), which allows me to export only the files I need…

  2. I have no idea how to do this at all…but I wanna try it so badly!
    Is there a way I could make custom items with their own textures and crafting recipes? I'd love to make a plugin for my server that gives players more food choices.

  3. Hey so I have the exact same code but when I go to do /set rank (which is what I called mine) it says that that command doesnt exist (unknown command)

  4. Hey, I have a problem , I need a plugin that simply acts like a Command Block CLOCK. It should simply execute commands WITHOUT i need to trigger it. Pls answer quickly! thanks -Necollex (or do you have a method that the config gets not spamed?) (Sorry for the bad English, Im German)

  5. How do I fix this, my package is showing an error "The type com.avaje.ebean.EbeanServer cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files". How do I fix this?

  6. It helps a lot for players who are beginners to minecraft coding! I now understand the effort of developers :D

  7. Does any1 know a plugin so you can delete commands i worlds in a spigot server i use multiverse-core and groupmanager and factions i didnt want so he can do /f in the hub!

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