Best Firefox Security Plugins

Best Firefox Security Plugins

These are three different, but very good wordpress chat plugins. They all have pros and cons, so watch the video and decide for yourself.

Stop leaving money on the table:

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales –
Zopim Live Chat –
Tidio Live Chat –

31 thoughts on “Best Firefox Security Plugins”

  1. You forgot one.
    Ghostery The most important one…
    Webutation is new… It also takes web rank from many sources.. one of its source it rely heavy on is Web of Trust. Basically, WOT is the early bird in security. I think they exist way long before Webutation… So I put my trust on WOT than Webutation.

  2. Best way to secure passwort is a handwritten little book ; )
    But, yeah i use some of the add-ons on Seamonkey.
    Im a user and i help out to get Seamonkey running well.

  3. Oh man, thanks a lot for this list!
    I hope this will solve a few of the issues I'm having with FF.
    This saved loads of time if I was looking it up on my own.

    Thanks man!

  4. ab block is ok but to many security issues .. i like ublock way better  its also customizable and very user friendly ! zenmate is also a very gd add on thru firefox use with no script also !

  5. hi there, in Zopin Chat when we're using a free version as you say that it allows us to chat with one person at a time. So what happens to the other people is they queue up with a message, if they ping us so it still be retrievable or not.

  6. Nice! If any of you guys are trying to grow a community centered around your site, you might wanna try Chatwee, which is a group chat widget with public and private conversations option. Super easy to install on WP and comes with a free version too.

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