After Effects Tutorial: Awesome Light Streaks With No Plugins!

We create the legendary Trapcode Particular effect, without using Trapcode Particular…

1. Create a Composition. Create a Solid.
2. Go to Effect, Simulation and add a CC Particle Systems II to the Solid.
3. Go to Layer, New and create a Null object.
4. Alt Click the stopwatch next to Producer in the CC Particle Systems II.
5. Using the pick-whip tool link it to the position of the Null.
6. Alt Click the stopwatch next to position in the Null object.
7. Write the expression: wiggle(1,300);
8. Go to CC Particle Systems II and set Radius X and Y to 0.1.
9. Set Animation to ‘Direction Normalized’.
10. Set Velocity and Direction to 0
11. Set Gravity and Extra to 0.1
12. Set Particle Type to Line.
13. Set Opacity Map to Fade Out.
14. Set Transfer Mode to Add.
15. Set Birth Colour to blue and the Death Colour to a darker blue.
16. Set Max Opacity to 10.
17. Copy and paste the Solid containing the particle system.
18. Do this a few times, offsetting the anchor slightly for each copy.
19. Set all the solids to an add operation mode.
20. Enjoy your handy work.
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20 thoughts on “After Effects Tutorial: Awesome Light Streaks With No Plugins!”

  1. Good direct tutorial and straight to the point. Is it possible with this method to use particles, and track the body of a person, and eventually remove the subject person to only leave the particles outlining the subject? Thank you in advance.

  2. appreciate the tutorial @QuickVFX . I have a question I hope you can help me with. I would like to use this effect on a video clip of a person tattoo. The clip consist of a person plugging a cord to the mic cord of his tattoo. So im trying to make the tattoo cord light up as if a surge of electricity is following the winding tattoo cord towards to the mic and then the mic glows at the end! The person is moving a bit and the pressure at point of contact warps his tattoo mic cord a bit too. Thank you good sir for sharing your knowledge through all of your tutorials !

  3. Hello this is Mike with Infinite Possibilities Motion Graphics – I was laid off from my job about 3 months ago. Just started getting into After Effects – Found your channel – You do an amazing job of explaining how to. Thanks! Keep up the great work – I'll be watching!

  4. Hello, I was wondering if there is anyway to make it go from Right to Left.
    I don't want it to wiggle but just move from Right to Left.
    I tried rotating the null object (whipped with the particle rotation) but it still comes out of the null object vertically.

  5. Hey, can you make it to transparent background?
    i mean like alpha channel something so it can be put to some video footage

  6. Great tutorial ^^ But how write "wiggle(1,300); in after ? and were is this button which you are linking with solidus from null? which it is a version after? I don't have these function… Sorry for my english :D

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