Best Free Plugins for Making Beats

Sorry we moved the plugin links when we updated our video description, please search google for more information on the plugins
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38 thoughts on “Best Free Plugins for Making Beats”

  1. Anyone know why I can't play Proteus from my own midi keyboard? I can play everything else from my midi keyboard. I'm stuck using the Proteus keyboard. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. ima just call u brotha yoda if thats okay with u . the bleep', and proteus are amazing plugins. by the way i was wondering do u know a good vst or SF that has liek a Caribbean steel drum? i have yet to find a good one

  3. Good Morning Game, other than the native instruments that fl includes for mastering and compression. Do have any other 3rd party plugins that you can recommend???? Thanks again, Jason .

  4. Hey guys, I realized there was some confusion with the links. We originally had the links to the plugins directly to the site, but we updated video description links at mass which had overwritten the original video des. So my apologies for the confusion, you can google the plugins mentioned. Thank you

  5. I seem to find that every time you get offered something free you have to sign up to some website paid or not, if it's free give it free no sign ups no registration bull, people don't wanna see that crap! 

  6. Hmmm I already have my arsenal of plugins. Whereas these plugins are good that he uses, but his sound is myopic and typical in contemporary r&b. One has to push the envelope in order to make hawter r&b and "rnb" sounds.

  7. Kontakt is a Beast, there also many great 3rd party plugins that work with the free Kontakt Player. Search around online for anybody looking for Keys,Basses,Strings etc. Scarbee Jazz Bass is one of my go to's for Neo-Soul.

  8. Pelle-Gross-O, he is my producer has influence which comes from 90s producers.  A lot of Gen-Y/millenial producers don't know how to use ambient sounds to make it glossy and knockin'.

  9. Man i love your tutorial it help me out alot. Rightnow am working on a rnb beat but am stuck cause i cant get the hook right. All my beats that i do is st8 from my head man an this is my first project someone actually asked me to do a beat for them. Do you have any advise to give me cause am an up coming producer an wat i do is all me brah. 

  10. Thank you for clearing that up about the vst/plugin thing. I never knew that. I get it now. 🙂 Great info, I can not even begin to find the words to thank you.

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