Best UAD Plugins For Vocals

Deyder Cintron is a 3 time Grammy nominated vocal editor that has worked on over 650 major releases, including Glee, Rock Of Ages and Giorgio Moroder. This video shows some of the best UAD-2 plugins for vocals and how to use them.
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BEST Plugins for FCPX!

I just realize, my mic was busted. Returning and ordering a new one, audio came directly from my phone, which was on the table in front of me. Loud loud fan noise was from my laptop fan, was doing a 4 hour export on there at the time ):

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11 thoughts on “Best UAD Plugins For Vocals”

  1. I been using the 1176ln legacy version and the LA 2A legacy version since I got my apollo twin but sometime when I do it sounds like it slows my vocal and puts them off beat do you think I'm doing something wrong with my mix or is it because I only have the free versions

  2. Thanks for the video. I guess for a guy like me who is kind of new to editing and Final Cut Pro, this way quite informative. A Lot of users, actually most users look for free plugins so maybe your next video you could make a list of free good plugins available. It could be really valuable. Thanks mate!

  3. thanks. i had this idea to edit a video into a pokemon battle. now i know the term for the type of plugin i need. Tracking

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