How To – Guitar Metal Tone (only with freeware vst plugins)

In this video I show to you how you can easily get a really nice aggressive guitar metal tone out of freeware VST plugins.
I use this plugin composition on many of my productions (To Punish And Enslave, Devil’s Kitchen etc.), sometimes with ReCabinet 3 instead of the GuitarHack impulses.

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Download links to the used plugins:


FreeAmp 3.6:

Fretted Synth


GuitarHacks Impulses:

If you need a gate in front of the distortion go for the GGate plugin from the free GVST-Bundle. You can find it here:

Have fun with this great pieces of software!

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───── PLUGIN LINKS ─────

► 3.

► 2.

► 1.

39 thoughts on “How To – Guitar Metal Tone (only with freeware vst plugins)”

  1. hm… if you have no guitar, does it also work to use a midi keyboard and apply the amps to it ? or do you need a guitar VSTi which is able to interpret the notes and chords from the MIDI keyboard into actual guitar notes and chords (because they don't change, the MIDI control pattern for the keyboard however, can). What I want to do is –> play notes and chords from MIDI keyboard –> turn them into their respective guitar counterparts in Reaper –> apply amps and effects to get a nice crunchy sound like here.

  2. Great advices man! I'm practicing from some time now, and i was just looking for a perfect Metal tune to approach to Reaper, thanks again! :)

  3. Thanks, this helped me get started! One issue that I ran into though, was how to filter noise and buzzing in the original signal. I just used Audacity's noise removal and then put a limiter to cut off the rest of the noise before going through the rest of the plugins and this sounds OK, but not great. I'm curious to hear how others solve this problem.

  4. 136935 people hard pan left, 136935 people hard pan right… and still everybody sounds the same. damn! xD one man band vid is cool though.

  5. Had to add my 2 cents …… a reasonable approach for me has been to take ALL of the suggestions from clips that I've found and mix and match them until I get the sound that " I like " . As in anything creative, it's quality is subjective.

  6. You should never set your gain to 10 if you play rhythm guitar and also you should consider adding an EQ.

  7. While I've moved on the Bias for my amp sim, I still use TSE808 and KeFIR on either side of it. Though I would like to find an IR loader that lets you change impulses with one click instead of three.

  8. i understand the whole "turn it up to 11" esthetic but thats not really how it works in production. especially if you're quad tracking and high and low shelving the eq. (which you forgot to go over because its pretty essential for good tone) to much gain can cause clipping and an overall muddy mix.


  10. llamaGrapple finally updated today! It supports Minecraft 1.10, works great in either hand and is freaking awesome with a bow and elytra!

  11. any minecraft server hoster websites that i can look into? i really want to get a good server that has a good hoster?

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