Part 2 of 2 – Top WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

How did my previous article on the “Top WordPress plugins for Internet Marketers – Part 1 of 2” sit with you?

Were you able to make sense of it all and implement those plugins?

Did you ever think that you could have so many SEO friendly plugins working to improve you blog? I mentioned only the same plugins that I use so I could kee things streamlined and focused for you.

If you need to go back and review Part 1 of the Top WOrdpress Plugins for Internet Marketers, I’ve given you a link at the bottom of this article to refer back to.

Anyways, here is the second half:

Onlywire For WordPress -If you are doing social bookmarking of your blog posts, you need this plugin. After you upload the Onlywire plugin to your blog, it will instantaneously add your post to the different social bookmarking sites that you select. All that you need to do is make sure that the little check box under your blog post is marked before you hit “submit” in your WordPress backoffice.

Sociable – The Sociable Plugin is another social bookmarking gadget to have so that your readers will be able to share your posts with the rest of the world. It works a lot like Onlywire, except that each “bookmark” you make is done individually instead of all at once.

TweetMeme Retweet Button – The TweetMeme plugin allows you to easily use the TweetMeMe button in your WordPress blog posts so that you can automatically Tweet your blog post after you post it.

WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. The way that it works is that it generates html files that are placed on a server without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts.

If you are experiencing a slow load time, by using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

WP Greet Box – This is one cool gadget to your blog. Ha! I love this one.

This plugin will show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on where they came from.

For example, when a Digg user clicks through from Digg, they will see a message reminding them to Digg your post. Or if they come from Twitter, they will see a message suggesting them to “Tweet” the post and follow you on Twitter.

You can also set a default greeting message for new visitors asking them to subscribe to your RSS feed.

And I just learned this after reading about the WP Super cache, but this plugin and WP Super Cache are compatible so you don’t have to sacrifice any site loading speed.

Akismet – If there were just ONE anti-spam plugin for you to use, this would be the one. Download it. Period. You will see your spam traffic decrease dramatically.

Tie it together with Simple Trackback Validation plugin below, and you’re golden! Stats – This is one of the first plugins I downloaded onto my blog – so we go back a long time. Oh, the memories…

Adding WordPress stats to your blog works just like adding in Akismet. You will need the same API key that you used in Akismet, so don’t lose it.

After you enable WordPress stats, you will need to wait a period of a few minutes to hours as it starts gathering the data from your blog – telling you what is bringing people to your blog, where they click, what they visit, and what they are clicking on to leave your site.

WordPress stats will also display all of your traffic information on just one page, as well as at the bottom of your dashboard page – but in a scaled down version.

Simple Trackback Validation – The trackback validation will test all of your incoming links for relevancy and spam characteristics that show up in your comments.

When a trackback is received, this plugin checks if the IP address of the sender is equal to the IP address of the webserver the link is referring back to. This reveals almost every spam link since spammers use “bots.”

So, there you go folks, that is my complete list of the top blog plugins for internet marketing and SEO.

Remember at the beginning of the article I promised you a link? Top WordPress Plugins-Part 1. These plugins will help to dramatically improve the SEO of your blog. But YOU still need a marketing plan. Register for my Prospect Attraction Guide & 7-Day Attraction Marketing Blueprint here at my blog.

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