Music City HDR – Spring 2011

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Music City HDR – Spring 2011
plugins that are awesome
Image by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)
Nashville has a beautiful skyline – if you want to get the best view of the city, walk across the river on Shelby Ave bridge. About 3/4 of the way across there is a look out platform. There are benches and plenty of places to sit and relax.

This was taken with a Canon 7d and 15-85 using a small tripod. Nik HDR Efx Pro did the rest.

Rainy Blur
plugins that are awesome
Image by Saad Baig
This is my iPhone 4’s setup after I jailbroke it Tuesday Morning (finally).
Let me explain everything thats incorporated into this setup which took me a couple hours to conjur up.

Lock Screen
The Lock screens look as been completely revamped, with LockInfo. I have hidden the "Slide to Unlock" box, and gotten rid of the stock Clock. I have replaced it with LockInfo’s Clock/Weather Widget, so I can just turn my phones screen on and take a (beautiful) glance at the time and Weather. Like with iOS 5’s Notification Center weather widget, you can slide it right or left to get a weekly forcast. I have also added LockInfo RSS Widget for 3 of my favorite sites, because, well, they complete me <3. Last but not least is the QuickNotes plugin, which is very useful for me. I don’t even have to unlock the phone to start typing in any note, you just point to the box, and start typing.

Home Screen
LockInfo has a nifty Homescreen Panel option, which enables LockInfo Widgets to be displayed on their own dedicated page. Nothing is different from the Lockscreen’s widgets and the Homescreens widgets, so there’s nothing to post here 🙂

Notification Center
Ah, my favorite part of iOS 5. LockInfo used to have there own proprietary notifications panel, and when iOS 5 came out, they still kept the feature, but they gave the user an option to use the stock Notification Panel, or LockInfo’s version. Since I use widgets designed for LockInfo, I decided to use that. Notifications appear the same way they do in the stock notifications center, but with the added expandability of the widgets available. Here, I have used a very nifty Cydia tweak called Omnistat to display important information related to my iPhone. It shows many things, on 4 slideable pages, including Storage space, used and free, iPhone Model, OS version, build version, Wifi Host, IP, Cell IP, MAC IP, True Battery Percentage, and processes. It also has a graphical RAM use page, which shows a very detailed description of the RAM thats being used in catagories such as "Wired" – or system processes, "Active", "Inactive", and "Free". It also has the option to "Tap to free" which clears up a significant portion of the phones RAM with the touch of your finger. Besides that, it has Wifi Enable/Disable, Power button, which can turn the phone off, restart it, respring, and kill all background apps. To achieve the blur look of the panel, I used another Cydia tweak called BlurriedNCBackground. Pretty Self Explanatory there.

I achieved the non static icon locations using GridLock, which, obviously, allows you to place your icons where ever you wish. I also added another tweak called Wifi Icon, which allows you to enable and disable Wifi with a long press of the icon. It can also show you the SSID, and IP address with a short touch. I also have whats called, Brightness Icons, which allows you to change the brightness of the screen by pressing the respective icons, without having to go into settings every time.

Barrel is awesome. It adds effects to the page sliding aspect of iOS, so its not just a simple slide. I have mine set to Cube Inside, so it looks like its rotating in a cube when ever I slide to a new page. Barrel has many effects, some of which are very intricate, yet flow beautifully.

Zephyr, is an awesome multitasking tweak, which brings iPad style multitasking to the iPhone. Basically, swiping from the edge of the screen switches to the next app in line. Simple as that. It also has a feature which allows you to bring up the multitask dock with a swipe from the bottom of the screen, up, without having to double press the home button. Both these work in conjunction with each other, so there’s no conflict.

That is everything I use to make my iOS experience, oh sooooo sooooooo much better than it was before. Here is a complete list of all the tweaks, apps, and with repo’s I used to get my beautiful look.

Barrel (SinfuliPhoneRepo)
BlurriedNCBackground (BigBoss)
Brightness Icons (ModMyi)
Gridlock (iHacksrepo)
Installous (
LockInfo (iHacksRepo)
LockInfo RSS Plugin (SinfuliPhoneRepo)
Lockinfo Todo Plugin (SinfuliPhoneRepo)
OmniStat for Notification Center (BigBoss)
Quicknote for Notification Center (BigBoss)
WifiIcon (BigBoss)
Zephyr (iHacksRepo)

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