My Top 10 Spigot/Bukkit Plugins For 1.8/1.8.9

My Top 10 Spigot/Bukkit Plugins For 1.8/1.8.9

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Plugins Downloads

● DiscoArmor

● NoDropMine

● BalloonFiesta

● CraftHeads

● Barbed Wire

● FireworkRider

● ClearChat

● SignEditor

● Health Bar

● ColoredAnvils


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20 thoughts on “My Top 10 Spigot/Bukkit Plugins For 1.8/1.8.9”

  1. i recommend not putting music on at all. It's distracting and i have a hard time hearing you in your videos. but everything thing else is awesome!! So thank you.

  2. what is the plugin where you can do /gm 1 or /tm day instead of /gamemode 1 and /time set day
    and it indicates you the tick the time etc
    u used it in video
    Thx bro awesome vid

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