Best Plugins For Mixing

Have you ever wanted to know what the best plugins for mixing are? Perhaps the answer is simpler than you think? In this tutorial you’ll learn about the best plugins for mixing and the 6 categories they fit into.

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In this video I give you my top 10 Plugins for After effects that every motion designer should have.

Music Video

1- Elemet 3D

2- Particular

3- Plexus 2

4- Optical Flairs

5- Tao

6- Duik

7- Magic Bullet Looks

8- Free From Pro

9- Twixter Pro

10- Denoiser 2
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14 thoughts on “Best Plugins For Mixing”

  1. Hi, in one of your videos you used a plug that would show the frequency profile. You would use a reference track as your guide and you would try to match that profile with a song you were mixing. Can you tell me what plug in that was? Thanks… I am enjoying your videos.

  2. Thanks for an excellent video, especially for newbees. I mix on an iMac but use an iPad for watching videos, so be sure to zoom in and out on screen capture detail.

  3. I've found that the stock plugins are usually the best and encourages using as little processing as possible and also encourages creativity

  4. I guessed u used Reaper when I saw the Rea plugins in the email. I love Reaper but tried that theme and it totally confused me but I have never used a proper mixing desk which is what it;s based on isn;t it? Just briefly I saw the Tokyo Dawn and Variety of Sound and totally agree. They make terrific plugins and free!!! I've just subscribed to your channel and have had a lot of tips from RealHomeRecording and love the BedroomProducersBlog and their top ones are mostly the same as yours. And my mastering chain is pretty much all TDR and variety of Sound. I can't afford to see no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a plugin for what I do, make Hip Hop beats and the Black Friday 50% 75% discounts did make me think 'if you see what I mean'. Anyway I DJ too and that money goes on 70's soul vinyl from Discogs, much nicer thing to spend it on 🙂 Anyway will watch your vid now as I have never used a gate or a dynamic equaliser (but I have that TDR one in my folder. Their Slick EQ is nice too btw

  5. I know you guys are busy but i would like to request a tutorial that i haven't seen online. I shot some drone footage of a guy running and I'm trying to put words on the ground and have him running OVER the text. its proving to be almost impossible tracking in mock should i roto him every frame? help on this would be nice

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