My Best WordPress Plugins 2015

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I have a few WordPress plugins I like to use for and I thought people might like to see which ones I think are the best.

So here they are: the best WordPress plugins (at least for my website).

Here I share the best WP plugins I use for all of my internet marketing and affiliate marketing websites.

Some are free, others are paid. I highly recommend the paid ones because there aren’t really any good free alternatives.
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29 thoughts on “My Best WordPress Plugins 2015”

  1. Great vid. I'll use some when I get time. A wee bit o' anger…lol. Might want to recut it now that the anger issue is done…(I'm sure)

  2. iKarlafernanda, I can't respond to  your comment because you did not post it as public. My guess is that you are using, the WordPress-hosted version of WordPress. You can't use that version and have plugins too. You have to have your own domain name and host and use the self-hosted version. Good luck.

  3. Hello I have a question… how do I Install the Plugins option in My wordpress Dashboard? I mean mine doesn't have it and I heard that you need to download the wordpress program itself but I did it and didn't work.. because my download compressed… Help!

    My gmaill-

  4. Hi, very interesting your video, could you advise me about what plugin could I use for "popular top post". I'm using the latest version of wordpress and the theme twenty fourteen… thanks in advance

  5. Great video!  PS: Do you have any thoughts on the pricing an individual developer should charge for customizing a theme for a simple WordPress site?

  6. Your explanation on some of the best plugins for Affiliate and internet marketers is very admirable . Thank you

  7. Hey, very nice and informative post! By the way, we have ourselves encountered recently a problem with our marketing: we needed a straightforward solution to enable limited signups and viral sharing. Couldn't find anything. In the end we created it ourselves. It's at I just really want to share it with you guys, cause i think it can be very useful.
    Corey, what do you think about it?

  8. Thanks for the post 🙂 Just started a affiliate wordpress site, good to know what the nofollow option is about! I wonder if you know if there is a pluggin for affiliate marketers that not only records when someone have clicked an affiliate link but records if the person made a purchase? Thanks, Kate

  9. Awesome video. I'm watching it again and writing down the pro's for each plugin so I don't forget. 

    Some of the plugins (ie FooBar) don't offer an extended license….can this be installed on multiple sites or do you need to pay $16 for each and every site? I don't mind paying the $16 if I got a site that's making money, but I prefer extended/unlimited licenses.

  10. I also got 80 Plugins that i could share. Just go to my channel and watch that video.

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