Rainy Blur v2

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Rainy Blur v2
plugins that are awesome
Image by Saad Baig
Rainy Blur v2. I had a completely different concept for v2. My goal was to provide a asthetically pleasing AND powerful end user options while using as little tweaks as possible, to keep the phone stable and fast. And I think that I have accomplished just that. This new Rainy Blur does have a couple notible differences from the original Rainy Blur . Instead of going through everything, I’ve decided to consolidate v2 with just the new updates.

iMatte v5 HD
I caved and decided to try winterboard, with the very first theme I found. And I only think I have found one of the best looking themes available for Winterboard. I think the theme has a nice contrast between minimalistic looks, and smoked glass, like some good Linux themes you can get. Add to that the square icons, and you have yourself a theme that looks good, while retaining the stock functionality that some themes kill. The theme is very stable, and I have noticed almost no decreased responsiveness while using the theme. I have enabled reflectionless and transparent dock to get rid of the dock. Unfortunately, getting rid of the icon shadows in iOS5 is a bigger chore than necessary, but would DEFINITELY help complete the aesthetic look of the theme in my opinion.

Lock Screen
For the Lock screen, I have used the awesome took, LockInfo. I loved LockInfo so much that I actually decided to buy it, which is a milestone for me because it was the first piece of software I have actually bought instead of pirated. The most noticeable difference in v2 is the Flashlight Widget, called WeeFlashlight which can be found on the BigBoss repo for free. Just basically makes a 2 cycle button activating the rear LED flash, making the phone into a very effective and quick lighting solution. Besides that I have also added the Lockinfo plugin Appigo Todo, which integrates with the App Stores "Todo" app. Combining these 2 gives me a list on my Lockscreen of what need to do, which is very helpful.

MultiFl0w Multitasking
As much as Zephyr was a cool tweak to use, it was very unrealistic on the iPhone just due to it lacking in screen real estate. Instead I found my favorite alternative, which gives Palm OS style multitasking, called MultiFl0w. In the pictures you can see that it is a replica of the Palm OS Multitasking, right down to the killing of apps, which is either a swipe up, swipe down, or the X button. Easily the best visual multitasking app, this ones a keeper.

Notification Center (InfoShade)
Nothing much has really changed in the Notification Center besides the adding of the Flashlight widget. But I wanted to take a screenshot because I wanted to share a tweak which I really thing is not given enough recognition, and that is the Omnistat Widget. Everybody knows about SBSettings, but I have to say that visually, and functionality wise, Omnistat is considerably better. Instead of going through all the details of all of its features, which I already detailed in the original Rainy Blur, I am going to suggest that you go ahead and download the tweak and check out its features.

This is my latest and greatest iPhone setup, that I use currently. Besides the main show up top, here are all the other tweaks and repo’s I use on my iPhone:

•Hackulous (cydia.hackulo.us.com
•Sinful iPhone Repo (sinfuliphonerepo.com)
•xSellize (cydia.xsellize.com)

Other Packages
•Installous 5

I don’t want to describe all of the packages listed above, but I do encourage you to check them out to see what they do. Since the point of this project was to retain functionality and speed, all the tweaks listed above are useful in some degree, not just some space wasting plugins.

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plugins that are awesome
Image by DigitalK
my pretty wife 🙂 been working some with skin quality today… with plugins, and etc. Ive long since lost the color version of this… but its fun to play with.

Hibiscus Trio (gimpified)
plugins that are awesome
Image by h_dwight_beers
Sun Village, Surprise AZ

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