Cool Plugins That Are Awesome images

A few nice plugins that are awesome images I found:

Sunset Over Zermatt
plugins that are awesome
Image by Gideon Davidson
The Awesome sight of a timeless mountain, existing through time and space even unto this day. Standing still, knowing deeply, ever beyond the changing fashions of the day.

These were redone thanks to the convenience of the Lightroom-Photomatix plugin. Convenient HDR at last!

My HDR Processing
plugins that are awesome
Image by …-Wink-…
I thought I’d do a little slideshow of an HDR, this is really hard because every one is so much different…….. but here is one of my basic workflows.

Here is the details:
01- +2, 0, -2 exposures (RAW)
02- Converted these without adjustment to TIFF in PS4
03- Used Photomatix to make a custom tonemapped HDR.
04- Straightened and cropped in PS4.
05- Used ReDynaMix to make it eye bleeding (I used Topaz Adjust for this scene in my photostream)
06- Used the Gimp/FxFoundry to Smart Sharpen, add Local Contrast and Vignetting.
07- Added some color to the clouds using Picasa because I was to lazy to use PS4:-)

You don’t really even need Photoshop to do most of my workflow, the free program Irfanview (with proper plugins) can run most PS plugins including Topaz and ReDynaMix.

If you want more information check out these discussions from my group:

The song isn’t on youtube but check out the group, they are awesome…

See this in a slideshow
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