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A few nice best plugins images I found:

Aquaculture … not an HDR
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Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
I love taking photos, why hide it, but this is not the only reason why I adore photography as an outdoor activity … I also love processing photos while I’m at home … I know my way around HDR tools (I must have used most of them) … I know them well enough to claim with certainty that those tools, no matter how effective, are not a panacea for exceptionally presented colored photos … Modern photo processing Software (Gimp, Corel Photo paint, Elements, Photoshop) and their accompanying plugins incorporate excellent tools as well, in order to help someone retouch spot by spot over a photograph’s content, selectively highlight its different parts and create an alternative outcome, sometimes even more believable than the one coming out of any HDR tool …

This is how the above seen photograph was processed … It presents an Eastern Kavala aquaculture facility, located at a natural and of a rather considerable size lagoon formed exactly two kilometers away from Strymonas river outfall … More frames from this lagoon, all taken during summer 2014 will follow ….

EXIF: High end compact Olympus Digital Camera SZ-31MR , Normal program mode, f 3,0, Focal Length 4,5 mm, ISO 80, spot metering mode, light source cloudy weather, auto white balance, auto focus mode, shutter speed 1/1250 s, no tripod, no flash …

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Image by _Hadock_
La de vueltas que da la vida…
Pulsa L para ver con fondo negro // Press L for viewing in black
Please use Firefox for a better color experience // Por favor utiliza Firefox para una correcta visualizaciƶn de los colores.
Camara /Camera: Nikon D80
Objetivo/Lense: Sigma 10-20mm
Place: Museo Vaticano, Vatican, Italy
Process: 3 Raw (.Nef) images +/- 3stps imported to Photomatix 4 with Lighroom 4 plugin and post editing in Photoshop CS6
Algunos derechos reservados // Some rights reserved
**Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons
**Creative Commons AtribuciĆ³n-No Comercial – No Derivs

If you wish to have a printed copy of this photo, please contact me.
Si te interesa obtener una copia impresa de esta foto, por favor contactad conmigo.

The Big Cheese…
best plugins
Image by JH
I I Twitter I

This picture of the flatiron building taken from the top of the Empire State building. On a very windy day whilst the whole of NY had decided to go up there for the day as it was so busy.

If you look closely you can see all of the cars driving up the street. i love this about the picture to me the little details like this make this picture stand out.

I used photomatrix to get the tones of the buildings and streets. Then I used Topaz Adjust to get the building to pop and finally I used the color effect pro plugin to create the final BW image.

This image looks so much better if viewed large pres (L) to get the bigger picture.

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