Top Fun Bukkit Plugins (17 AWESOME PLUGINS!)

Top Fun Bukkit Plugins (17 AWESOME PLUGINS!)


These are a bunch of fun Minecraft plugins that you and your friends can try out on your Bukkit servers. I know I did not get every single fun plugin but I got quite a few. Please don’t comment that I missed stuff out because I did. If you guys want another one of these, comment! 🙂

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◘ Cannons:

◘ CarZ:

◘ Citizens:

◘ Essentials: (Not mentioned)

◘ ExplosiveSticks:

◘ Fart:

◘ ItemDisplay:

◘ MineFauna:

◘ MobArena:

◘ MobDisguise:

◘ MobRain:

◘ Parachute:

◘ Punishmental:

◘ SquadBot:

◘ ThrowableExplosions:

◘ Weapons of Legend:

◘ Marriage:


Melancholy Hearts – BannanaPieLord

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20 thoughts on “Top Fun Bukkit Plugins (17 AWESOME PLUGINS!)”

  1. They are for fun, not to optimize server performance. All plugin's are going to use up memory, stop bitching and complaining and start having some respect

  2. "its pretty fun for a admin to ban people" yhea thats why you dont have any people on your server. most of this plugins are useless LOL

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