Top 5 BEST Vst Plugins | 2016

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This will show you how to create the perfect settings for a Hub World!

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How to create your own Minecraft server ►
Don’t know how to install plugins onto your server? (Watch) ►


MV Core ►…

VoidWorld ►

AntiVoid ►…


SuperHub ►…

Permissions ►

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► Martin Garrix – Forbidden Voices

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40 thoughts on “Top 5 BEST Vst Plugins | 2016”

  1. nice vid bro…I cud learn a thing or two from you im a beginner at making beats and im tryna get the right software vst plugins etc without spending too much money

  2. Spire a Dubstep synth? First of all, there are no Dubstep synths. Synths are what you make them. And I actually think that Spire is mostly used for genres such as Trance and Happy Hardcore. In my opinion Spire is way way way to unnecessary strong to produce dubstep. Popular synths for making dubstep is as far as I know Serum and Nexus2. And yes.. Omnisphere will be one of the last synths I ever buy.. if I ever buy it will say.. I don't like it. It might be better than Sylenth1 in the quality.. perhaps..

  3. Your largest objection to Omnisphere is it takes too long to load. I have a couple laptops, one is 4 years old. They both have SSD storage and even Super Clav Wah which is 377mb takes less than a second to load and I have not come up with a patch that has a long load time.. Point is it is a solvable problem. I use SSD's to make sure all my projects and vsts load as fast as possible.

  4. What about Harmor? Would you say it is worth to get too? I'm a beginner at this stuff so im not really sure if I should buy it…

  5. My World Edit doesn't work with Multiverse, but after I delete Multiverse, WE works again. Any suggestions?

  6. Help!!,I got Askyblock for 1.9.4 earlier but I couldn't place anything. I tried to delete the world with multiverse and said couldn't delete it, I did it from the FTP file access (mcprohost) and them I restarted. I still couldn't place anything..

  7. What is the Required link.
    Every time I click it it takes me straight to the plugin search page?
    any help?

  8. Numero Uno please help me !
    I was typed /mv create Hub normal -g VoidWorld and it create me normal world.
    What i supposed to do ?

  9. I have been watching a lot of your videos because I am setting up a server and you have been sooooooooooo helpful! Keep up the good work :)

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