Top Plugins That Assist Your WordPress Website To Send HTML Emails Quickly

WordPress is the best content management system in the world and lets you manage all aspects of a website from designing the website to publishing content and managing it. However the CMS does have its shortcomings with one being its inability to send HTML emails. Wait, did we say HTML emails? Yes, all that the core components of WordPress manage are plain text messages and plain URLs which in today’s world of interactive email marketing are sheer obsolete.

But if you are a true WordPress fan like millions around the world, you need not worry as there are number of plugins which come to your rescue. These plugins allow you to send highly customized emails which create an impression about your brand in the minds of the recipients. In short you can create an effective email camping from your WordPress website using these plugins. Following are some of the top HTML Email plugins for WordPress.

HTML Emails Plugin

This email plugin converts default plain-text email notifications into fully customizable HTML emails with graphics and animation. You can easily create a template which can customize them for the individual recipients. It supports new user registrations, comment and trackback notifications. It has been tested for Gmail, Gmail on Android, and Outlook and supports other major email clients. Developers are also working on multi-site support for this plugin.

News Mailer Plugin

Another awesome HTML email plugin this lets you send HTML news and update emails to registered members. This plugin is ideal for businesses which are looking for simple way to send attractive emails to registered users. You don’t need to use any third party service as this plugin lets you send HTML newsletters using the WordPress dashboard easing the process of running regular email campaigns to promote your business.

Subscribe2 Plugin

A subscripting based plugins that allows you to mail a list of subscribers Subscribe2 is the best way to notify subscribers when a new blog post is published. What makes this plugin special is the fact that it has a comprehensive subscripting management system allowing you to reach out to a customized group of users. You also have the option of sending an email notification on a pre-post basis or periodically as a full-fledged newsletter.

MailPress Plugin

It is one of the best plugins which comes with dedicated themes and templates and is useful in managing large email campaigns. It is highly robust and allows customization to the last pixel. It brings a fully-featured mailing platform which offers opt-in subscription, post notifications, subscription to comments and many more. It has many pre-built templates and also allows you to custom build templates from scratch.

These plugins will allow you to run and manage an attractive email campaign from your WordPress website. To get maximum mileage out of these you need to hire the services of a professional WordPress development company which can integrate the plugins into the CMS and create a powerful tool to market your products and services.

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